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06/18/2005: "Help with changes please."

Well, it turns out my sister and her family are coming on Sunday for sure. When I found out for sure I realized how much I have to do to get ready...last night I stayed up late getting my art materials moved out of the livingroom/studio.

This morning I woke up with inflamation in my right wrist (the one I use for painting) which has me a little freaked out (I'll finally be going out this afternoon to buy a knitters glove as suggested by Holly). Next weekend will be my last weekend for finishing up this show. I haven't been using liquin so none of the paintings are drying very quickly at all.

Anyway, I'm posting some not ideal images of these to give you an idea of the changes I've made. If you want to see the last version (that I changed them from) go to my in progress gallery. Be honest if you think I'm going in the wrong direction. I'll make the final decisions but I like hearing what others are thinking, especially on the ones where I need help with proportions. THANKS!

1-book-pink-hair (50k image)
Does her face look proportional to her body? Also, I'll be making the hand on her leg hand colored, and adding more detail to the hand on her chest.

1-field (58k image)
Her face really isn't that pink, I'm making her face a warmer, orangy color and fixing her hands, outlining and fixing the hair...what else? The mountains are still bothering me.

1-trio (48k image)
Still have to do all the faces, I added the cloud, took out some of the bicep of the dobro player, gave the middle player feet and lessened the degree her kneck is bent. HANDS! Think if there's time I'll move the dobro more to the right.

1-saw (50k image)
OK, disregard the fact she looks like she has a beard, that's not a big deal, something I can easily fix but before I do, does her head, face, kneck look in proportion to the rest of her or should I repaint from the kneck up? (not having an actual model makes it harder to figure out), I'll outline the new umbrella post, and straighten the lines of the saw and bow. Her feet are kind of cut off because the panel was resting on an easle and it took up the last 1/2 inch or so of the frame. I changed the sky and mountain though, better or worse? (Paint is still wet, I can scrub out still, I kind of like it more, I think there is more contrast this way)...

1-waterpump (40k image)
This is a new small painting I've just started. Needs a lot of work to increase the contrast but I like the general composition.

Replies: 2 Comments

on Monday, June 20th,">Jackie said

E: Oh cool! You started a painting of the pump house - my favorite in the photos you took last week. The paintings are shaping up! Yay!

on Tuesday, June 21st, Elise said

Thanks Jackie, it's coming along nicely. Do you know if it's called a pump house, pumphouse, or water pump? I want to title it something like "Spring Tide at the Treadwell Pump House", I just want to be sure that's what it's called...