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06/19/2005: "Changes"

OK, I've made some more changes to the fiddler in the field painting, I think I fixed what was bothering me about the mountains. Still have to fix her face and hands.

Also, made some touch ups to the painting of juneau and of the wetlands. Did some more work on the trio painting as well but I'll wait to post that.

1yellow-field (59k image)

1juneau-from-douglas (40k image)

1wetlands (28k image)

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on Monday, June 20th, Dio said

They're coming on good, I think your stylization in the pieces is maturing. As for the fiddler, maybe the bottom hand could be partially obsucred by grass, that may stop it standing out and calling attention to itself?

I like the impression in the middle piece that the clouds are peaking over the mountain at the town, great colours, really captures that sunset light.

The wetlands piece is really strong IMO, the muted colours of the distant hills contrast the stylized foreground really well, its a very atmospheric piece of work, you can almost feel the air shifting in it. Top stuff - It reminds me of Welsh Artist Kyffin Williams in mood and composition, which is probably why I like it so much. :)

on Monday, June 20th, Howard said

Looking good. Hands give me a hard time too. I have this great little reference book called The Book of a Hundred Hands. It's just drawings of hands in every position you can think of. It's come in handy many times.

I have to agree that the wetlands looks great.

on Monday, June 20th, Elise said

Hey Dio, most excellent advice about using the grass to obscure the bottom hand, the top hand will be easier to fix but that bottome one...ARGH!

and, I'll check out that Welsh artist, speaking of which, you probably aren't into her style but I'm absolutely *in love* with welsh singer/songwriter Jem!

And Howard, I have looked everywhere for a book on hands...I was considering photographing one of my own because there didn't seem to be any out there, but now that I have a title, you'll make my search easier (though as I recall I did find a book or two on hands that weren't available, out of print or something) hope that isn't the case cuz I really need one.

on Monday, June 20th, holly said

Wow- these are looking great! I love that wetlands piece- it's so simple and iconic.

The only point of contention I have (as if I have a right- it's your painting) is the fiddler's bow hand- her pinky should be out from the rest of her hand, acting as a balance weight on the end of the bow. One of the first things I was taught when learning to bow was how to control the bow with the pinky. I look at your fiddler and know she's faking because of that bow hand (I do this with movies, too, to see who's holding the bow incorrectly). Or just cover it up with grass! :laugh:

on Monday, June 20th, Elise said

Hee hee,
thanks for the tip Holly, of course, I've already covered it up with grass. artist will probably see right away that I was trying to hide the hand but hopefully most people won't think that.

The thing with the pinky, is that the same for the cello? My "trio" painting has a cello player and right now, there's no pinky showing. But, I've looked at some photographs of people playing the cello who don't have pinky fingers visible so not sure if that's the same as the fiddle?

on Monday, June 20th,">Jackie said

E: I like the mountains in the fiddler painting - but her hands look a little large. I like the wetlands painting the best of these.

on Monday, June 20th, Elise said

I was thinking that too Jackie, I have made the fretting hand smaller. I need to let it dry before I can do much else.


on Wednesday, June 22nd, holly said

Well, this is really late, but no, cello and upright bass players 1) have bigger bows (insert compensation joke here) and 2) hold their bows differently, so there's not the same need for balance and control as with a violin or viola position. I like what you've done with the grass, though! The painting looks fabu!

on Wednesday, June 22nd, Elise said

Thanks for the info Holly...the only bow I have is a cello bow I use for playing the saw, which I'm sure is a different matter altogether.

Do you mean that you like how I painted over the hand in the more recent version? Greg seems to think it vitally important to see the hand but I rather like it hidden...and I is the boss!