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06/21/2005: "Art Matters"

I normally donít add framing hardware to my frames, they have a deep profile and I just rest them on a nail or two but I can't do this for the July 1st show. So I went to a local framing shop called ďArt MattersĒ where I met the owner (I think) Kayla, who helped me pick out the right kinds of hanging hardware for all 11 pieces at no charge. That was *very* cool of her.

When I was getting ready to leave I saw that she had one of my show invitations hanging up and I said ďhey, thatís meĒ and she said that she really loved my stuff and was maybe interested in a few of my prints etc. plus she plans to come to the July 1st show. That made me feel really good and I said Iíd mention what a great framing shop she has (it is great) for any of you local people who need to get stuff framed, I highly recommend her.

Anyway, Iím making my little checklist of what I still need to do:

1. title cards and pricing
2. business cards (with images from this show which I canít do until I actually finish them).
3. press release (they still havenít told me what the hours for the opening will be)
4. finishing the paintings (thatís a big one)
5. shrink wrapping prints from Rain Country show to put in the prints bin and pricing of prints (does anyone know if itís bad taste to have prints from a different show in the print bin?)
6. mail out invitations. Iím not sure about this one because my invitations are of the old version of the musical saw painting but I get to use the JAHC mailing list and bulk permit so I feel like I should probably take advantage of that.

Anyway, still a lot to do. My sister and her family may be coming in tomorrow night. My house and car are both very torn apart at the moment. Not very good timing but Iíd really like to see them. As you may have guess, I declined waiting a month for the opening...I don't want it hanging over my head while I'm on vacation.

Oh yah, any suggestions on which two images I should send to the paper?

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on Tuesday, June 21st, RR said

That's really good news about the framer lady and I sympathise with your to do list - why do six little items on a list look so simple when in reality they take up such a long time? Re the images to go to the paper, I like the fiddler and the wetlands :-) Sounds as if it is all going well so far. Have fun with the family on Sunday.

on Tuesday, June 21st, Elise said

Thanks for the sympathies RR, your big day is coming up *this* Friday as I recall! Good luck to you as well!!!

As for your recommendation, which fiddler painting, the sleeping one or the one actually playing in the field?

I've decided to name that one "Even the tall grasses bow down before her"...whada ya think? Too pretentious?

on Wednesday, June 22nd," target="_new">Sam said

Hey there, I haven't been posting much lately though I've been lurking and have enjoyed folllowing the progression of this show.

I don't feel up to giving input of an artistic nature since I'm not an artist but I will say which two paintings are my favorites and the woman with the saw and the wetlands (seems to be everyone's favorite) though I like them all and think any would be beautiful. I guess you should think about what would translate the best to black and white in the paper.

on Wednesday, June 22nd, Elise said

Yah, there's no assurance that any image will make it in but usually they try to use color for the art exhibits, which makes sense.

Thanks for the input.