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06/20/2005: "More..."

OK, I've painted over the evil bow hand in the fiddlre painting, I may sill want to add a little pinky sticking out as per Holly's observation.

Also, an update of the cello painting I haven't worked on in months. I'm not sure the color of the mountains are working.

1fiddler3 (55k image)

1cello (46k image)

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on Monday, June 20th, greg said

It's really nice to see these all again ... I'll just comment on the past here. They are indeed coming along nicely, and like Dio said, the "stylelisian" is really starting to emerge! As much as I like these paintings now, I think there is much more to come as you develop as a painter. I cant wait for the WholeWWW to see it!

I sometimes sense you are struggling on how do a body ... and I think, judging from your earlier abstractions of line & form, that this is where you want to head - but perhaps you vacilate between abstract outlines, and nailing a cleaner look.

Just as I oughta ... you really oughta draw more life figures (we all oughta). Hands are probably the easiest to get someone to pose for a study. I really can't urge you enough NOT to paint over the hands! That is where the MUSIC comes from!!! Visually the hands make the biggest impact related to the playing of instruments. Dig in and get it! The hand holding the saw is great. It's strong!

I always enjoy how you combine the figure into nature, but the landscapes are great too. The long one could be a whole series like that! I recognized that shack from the photos, and its looking really good!

I want to ask you what your surfaces are like. Its hard to tell online, but are they smooth, or is there any impasto build up, around maybe the edges?

How do YOU think the mountains are? That cello piece is a complex design(!) ...lots of competing shapes, lines and tones ... wow! but I think its working. I would like to see you get more out of the play of curves between the cello and player. Unify them with some bolder lines, add the f-holes, and it would satnd out more from the background ... then perhaps the green mountains just kick back peacefully into the background ...

on Tuesday, June 21st, Elise said

I left a long comment last night but my comments weren't recap, I can't afford models, that's why I'm struggling with the figures this time, it's easier by far to look at something and draw it than to make it up, especially with the hands...I didn't have a model for any of these except for the fiddler one.

the texture of the panel pieces are smooth and the canvases have a lot of texture...

hmmm...what else...

oh yah, thanks a lot for reminding me of the F holes on the cello, how did I forget those?

Anyway, I'll keep plugging away, I appreciate you taking the time to write such thoughtful comments.

on Tuesday, June 21st, greg said

If you don't have access to like a $6 once-a-week life drawing group around town or at college, then, as I say, simply asking a friend or co-worker "can I do a quick sketch of your hands in 'this' position?" I am sure they would love to!!

Or just paint yer own from a mirror!

Do you work out poses in drawings before you apply the paint? The more prelim skecths one does, the easier it is to get it painted, I think ...

on Wednesday, June 22nd, Elise said

We don't have figure drawing classes here unless you take a semester length for credit class which is expensive.

I sometimes take photos of friend's hands etc. to draw from, it's just hard replicating the direction of light, make it look natural etc. when they aren't at my house and I can't remember exactly how I need them.

Anyway, I'm great at drawing, I can draw anything I see no problem, it's always been easy for me. It's another thing to try and visualize how a person in a certain pose would look, much more tricky.

I probably need to just hire a model next time. That would solve everything.

on Wednesday, June 22nd, John said

I think your figures are great though I agree with Greg that it never hurts to practice. I can't afford to pay anyone either so I'll sit in a cafe and just do rough sketches of other customers. once in awhile I get caught staring at someone and since they don't know what I'm doing they might think its creepy. Just an idea though I suppose it won't help much if you have an exact pose in mind.

I guess you could go up to them and say "would you mind moving your left arm over a little" :laugh:

on Wednesday, June 22nd, Elise said

People in cafe's move around too much, plus I'm too shy to get busted staring at someone. Good idea for some, and I agree with both of you that practice is good...