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06/24/2005: "Shiny Happy"

I woke up and after a week of rain, there was a beautiful blue sky to greet me and sun streaming through my bedroom window. Also, I just found out that one of best friends from high school and her very cool dad are going to be in Juneau for 5 days or so, arriving Wednesday night. I'm really looking forward to showing the place off to them.

I'm also looking forward to the weekend, tonight I have tickets to see the Cowboy Junkies at a local bar which is going to be a lot of fun. Tomorrow night is a going away party at the Island Pub for a friend, with a bonfire on the beach afterward...I'm getting my outboard back soon so maybe there will be sailing, and, since the opening is postponed, I can kick back and take my time finishing the paintings up.

I took Greg's advice and asked a friend to come over to let me photograph body parts that I'm struggling with...and by the way, I've discovered that travel candles are the *perfect* container for keeping liquin. They have a tight seal, they're small, easy to access with a hinged lid...this one isn't exactly the same as mine but you get the idea, just remove the candle.

Oh yah, and yesterday the head of our video club gave me a dvd of Kite Club that he'd been playing around with. Kite Club is a parody of Fight Club that I wrote, directed, and edited. However, Arlo played around with it, added some cool animation, totally fixed the audio, and re-edited the fight scene and credits. The changes ironed out the rough edges so we can enter it in the next JUMP (Juneau Undergroud Movie Project) Film Festival that has a July 1 deadline. I can't wait to see my little baby on the big screen. After JUMP I'll stream it here for all to enjoy!

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on Friday, June 24th, Rodney said

I would be very interested in seeing kite Club, I think I remember you working on it some time ago. Strangely enough it was raining with lots of thunder and lightining here last night, alwasy cheers me up in a bladerunner kind of mellow way. Well good luck with sharing the show, and if someone tries to buy a piece from you and it's not yours, sell it anyway! :P

on Friday, June 24th, joan said

Sounds like a great weekend. I was a big fan of the Cowboy Junkies in college and later years. Haven't heard much from them since my CD funds dried up! Enjoy yourself and request Blue Moon Revisited for me.

I sent an e-mail to my guess at your referenced friend to visit next week...wondering if I'm right.... Regardless have fun.

on Friday, June 24th, Elise said

Rod (sorry, I just can't call you Rodney, it doesn't feel right)...Kite Club is only about 4 minutes long but a looooot of work went into it. By the way, I finally saw Sideways and it reminded me of you of course.

I love the idea of selling someone else's work as my own, unfortunately, I said I'd rather wait and have the show next month in the orignal space, where it will be all about ME ME ME!!!

ha ha ha

I've never played well with others.

We've had thunder and lightening here too the past couple of summers which is practically unheard of but I love it when we do get some. Bladerunner...sigh...

And Joan, it's not a secret or anything but I'm sure there's only one person it could be right???


Yeah, are you jealous????

Even though I see Ann every year at Christmas, it will be cool seeing her out of context. Ya know?

on Saturday, June 25th, joan said

yes, I am!

She is planning a little film festival of her own - shown on the side of her house. Maybe you could submit Kite Club!

on Saturday, June 25th, leahpeah said

that is so rad! i can't wait to see kite club.

on Saturday, June 25th, subi said

hey there, glad you requested your own show...that is the ONLY way to go, one night of revelry in your own spotlight or shared with another AND their separate artisitic possibilities/ and or idiosynchrasies... no way...we want only you!!! ;) You know i am really looking forward to Kite Club but no matter how many plug-ins I download I still can't manage to bring it up, what gives? xoxo.

on Saturday, June 25th, Elise said

That's the old version. Once the new one is 100% finished I'll recompress and offer it streamed or as a download in a couple different formats to make sure you can watch it. Remeber, don't get too excited, it's only 4 minutes long...