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06/27/2005: "Cha cha cha changes..."

I worked on the painting of the woman playing upright base on Sandy Beach tonight for several hours and it's starting to look pretty good (in my opinion). My boss loves the upright base and she saw a photo of the first draft of this painting and mentioned that she might want to buy it. That was back in April, and just a week or so ago she remembered the piece and said she was still interested in it. The problem is, I've changed it a lot since then. It won't bother me if she changes her mind about it, but it's one of the dangers of posting work that's still in progress.

I've had people contact me about buying paintings based on early images from my blog or "in progress" gallery, only to change their mind after seeing the "finished" piece. It sucks to spend countless hours on a painting only to have people say they don't like it as much. It doesn't mind as long as I think it looks better or that I learned something doing all the extra work. Like that cloud I obsessed over on Sunday.

Anyway, I'll post some pictures of the changes I've made in the next day or so. Feel free to tell me if you think I've ruined them. :( Oh yah, it also occured to me as I was looking at the Trio painting last night, that a woman playing the base in a bluegrass band would most likely be finger picking it, rather than using a bow. So, I think I'm going to change that as well. The more I work on these paintings the more there is to do. It's probably a good thing the show isn't this Friday...the finished pieces will probably end up a lot stronger (or at least, in my mind they will).

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on Tuesday, June 28th, dave from Nebraska said

Elise, it's bass.

on Tuesday, June 28th, dave from Nebraska said

First again!!

on Tuesday, June 28th, sara kenney said

i hope you dont mind, but i used your picture in my one ever reads it though, and they know its not mine.thanks and rock!

on Tuesday, June 28th, Elise said

That's funny Dave, I even use that as an example in the unit I teach about searching google. Bass (the instrument) and Bass (the fish) are spelled the same, so in order to eliminate the one that isn't the one you want in your search you add a minus sign, like: bass -fishing.

The later it gets the worse my spelling becomes.

Anyway, I'm home sick today...really sick. Just checking my messages as I'm bored out of my mind.

Oh, and thanks for the comment Sara, usually I ask people to post my name or link back to me if they use an image on their site. That way if someone sees it and likes it they know how to find me. And, don't be suprised if you do have people reading your blog. A lot of people like to lurk! (is that spelled right?)

on Wednesday, June 29th, dave from Nebraska said

Hope you feel mo betta soon.

on Wednesday, June 29th, holly said

And Bass (the ale).

on Wednesday, June 29th, Elise said

Ah yes Holly, my personal favorite!