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07/01/2005: "Poor lil baby Osiris!"

Well, my cat Osiris has been sick for a couple days and then last night and this morning there was blood in his urine so I took him into the vet this afternoon. They've done blood tests and x-rays and they think he might have an obstruction because his stomach was so full of food. They're keeping him over night, running more tests, taking additional x-rays in the morning etc. hopefully he won't need surgery but it's a possibility. The bill is already up to around $500.00!

I've never had to leave Osiris anywhere overnight before and it was harder for me to do than I expected. I feel really sad right now, I just want him to be ok. In the end I'd rather have him home and healthy than have a 100 new outboards.

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on Friday, July 1st, Joan said

Nothing like a crisis to but priorities in order. Hope you and Osiris feel better soon.

on Friday, July 1st, holly said

:cry: Oh no! I hope he's alright and that he's back home with you right away. Sending kitty-healing thoughts his way...

on Saturday, July 2nd, Elise said

Thanks guys...I miss him so much tonight. My other cat lemoni keeps looking at me like "what did you did with my friend?", I keep picturing him in a little cage in the vet's office...I hate this!

on Saturday, July 2nd, Dio said

More kitty-healing thoughts from across the pond. hope Osiris is fine soon. :)

on Saturday, July 2nd, subi said

poor baby O! get well soon pussy!

on Saturday, July 2nd, Elise said

Well, all your kitty healing thoughts must have helped because Osiris is now home and recouperating well. He's on antibiotics and pain medication, his neck is shaved but otherwise he looks and seems rather healthy. There is still blood in the urine but the new x-rays showed no signs of blockage so no surgery was needed. It's sooooo good to have him home. He's been super cuddley too.