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07/06/2005: "Eyes are the windows of the soul!"

Well, I think I *finally* figured out how to calculate all the various receipts I've collected for (very tardy) 2003 and 2004 taxes. For one thing, if I had an invoice from DickBlick for example, I'd have to seperate out the easle (studio furniture/tools) from the canvases and paints (production materials). It got very complicated. So, I bought one of those large calculators that print out all your sums onto a receipt. It made adding it all up rather fun.

I hope to use the calculator for creating sales receipts too but I'd like to get a rubber stamp made that has my business name and logo etc. but I don't have a logo yet. I want something simple... I was thinking of using 3 fiddlehead ferns for the design...I love natures spirals plus I've used them in some of my paintings and they're probably more acceptable than a set of boobies.

I'm also back to painting. I've repainted the woman in the yellow field and now she has her eyes open. I'm not sure if I like it; everytime I see her now she kind of weirds me out. I tend to always paint my women with their eyes closed. I'm not sure why that is as eyes are easier than hands. Any thoughts? (I just love being psychoanalyzed) in fact, I'll offer one batch of Dave's famous spiced chocolate chip cookies to the best interpretation. kidding!

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on Thursday, July 7th, dave from Nebraska said

I better get more chips!

on Thursday, July 7th, holly said

Two interpretations:
1) You see the feminine as being introspective. The eyes are closed to the outside world because the focus is internal and directed to the spiritual, not to the material.

2) You're in denial and are projecting this attitude onto your subjects. If the problems of the world can't be seen, then they don't exist! If you start painting women with their fingers in their ears, you have a real problem and should seek professional help.

How was that? Gimme my cookies!

on Thursday, July 7th, dave from Nebraska said

Not bad for the first interpretation.
I'll go ahead and make one cookie for Holly.
If that's OK ET?

on Thursday, July 7th, Elise said

Yes, perhaps introspective *and* escapist (see, I'm really conning you into writing my artist statement for me!)

And sure Dave, give Holly a cookie but don't forget to send me one too!

on Thursday, July 7th, greg said

Hey - nice to hear you're finally getting those taxes sorted out! Do you know adobe illustrator? If you need any help doing a vector graphic for your logo, let me know, as I have time right now.

Also good to hear yer still working those works out. Are the updates in "Progress" gallery? Does Yellow field woman = fiddle player? It's looking great so far. Now that woman eating the chocolate bar, er ... blues harp, looks like Holly to me, and I'm afraid she's gonna tell my boss something! *eek*

The woman curled up in repose looks fab! You wondered if anything was missing, and all I could possibly add would be to increase the contrast above her in the mtn valley cleft - a darker gradiation, lighter going up. I think it could accentuate the wonderful arc that points down to her ... almost like a rainbow! Great stuff Maynard!

on Thursday, July 7th, greg said

oh and check your email - I'm sending you some info discussed recently at craigslist forum about oil mediums and liquin!

You'll want to know!

on Thursday, July 7th, Elise said

Hey Greg, nope, most recent versions aren't up. It just dawned on me that I really only have about one more week to finish things now since I'm getting ready to leave town soon and won't be back until 2 days before my supposed opening.

Thanks for the tips though, and I'll be looking for the forward about liquin. However, if it says something about making paintings turn green or gives people lung cancer (still coughing *constantly*) I'm not sure I want to know!

on Thursday, July 7th, Elise said

Oh, and thanks for the offer Greg. I don't have illustrator but I have done vector based graphics using...Freehand I think...though I may need help/advice as graphic design is not my strong suit.

on Thursday, July 7th, greg said

email sent!

also, when you have time, send me a sketch of what you'd like for a logo, and I'll see what I can do for ya ... doesnt sound too hard.

Good luck with the show, and have fun!

on Thursday, July 7th, holly said

Greg sez: "increase the contrast above her in the mtn valley cleft". Holly reads it as "Increase contrast in her mtn valley cleft", thinking, "Wow! What a euphemism!"

I believe Dio has culled some of my critiques about his art from comments I made on his site for use when he sells his paintings. Makes me feel like a right proper critic!

(Oh, and the second interpretation was meant in fun and jest. Just so you know)

on Thursday, July 7th, Elise said

I think I remember seeing you quoted in one of his paintings I bidded on in

as for her mtn valley cleft! LOL That will *have* to be the painting's new title now!

Oh, and Greg, thanks for the offer of help! I may have to hold off on the bells and whistles until I finish the actual paintings now that I think about it.

on Thursday, July 7th, RR said

Give Holly the cookies :D ..... and I'd really like to see you do a painting with a woman with her fingers in her ears (does that sound as weird to you as it did typing it??!) - anyway the gist being that I could identify with it right now. :blush:

on Thursday, July 7th, Elise said

Hey RR, have you heard anything from your evaluators yet? I really liked your stained glass piece by the way, I've always wanted to learn how to do that but it looks really hard to do.

BTW, the email of the guy doing the workshop at the U of Edinburgh is"> if you email him I'm sure he'll give you the info. Wish I could go.

on Friday, July 8th, greg said

*whew* I'm glad Holly didnt take me to task for my comment about her eating the chocolate bar ... Nestles nestled 'neath the soft heaving mounds of nature! :D

Hey Elise, small world story: I just sat next to a woman from Douglas, on a flight back west. She lives in Maine now for the past 5 yrs, and hadnt heard of you, but visiting family now for a bit. We enjoyed some discussion about the wonders of pacific salmon and halibut. If you see a short, long-haired brunette knitting backpacks, tell her greg sez hi! :)

on Friday, July 8th, Elise said

She hadn't heard of me??? well, I'm outraged!