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07/09/2005: "Approaching strangers...Starting over"

This morning I met with a writer friend for coffee and it was great, talking about the creative process...very inspirational. However, sitting directly behing my friend was the most incredible looking guy and I couldn't stop watching him. It was distracting because I wanted to ask him if I could paint or photograph him in the *worst* way; he had a very unusal look: big nose, really white skin, deep set blue/green eyes and dark hair. I thought it would be weird to approach him but I've seen him around before and next time I think I'll have to ask. The worst that can happen is he'll say "no thanks freak"...

Anyway, I came home feeling inspired to paint and I decided to work on the Trio painting, as it is the furthest away from being finished. The thing is, i like the mountain, the cloud, the trees, and the foreground, but I don't like the figures and now that I don't have to focus on just the music theme, I'm thinking of painting over the 3 small figures with one larger one. I think it will work better with the other paintings in the show as well as work better as a painting. It just bums me out because i've spent sooooo much time working on those damn figures trying to get them to work. I guess it's better to start over than to force it. right?

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on Saturday, July 9th, RR said

One of the biggest lessons I've learned in my first year at art college is that sometimes it is better to start over and put something aside for a while. It's a bit demotivating when you are being told that by a tutor! (but it does help). At least you are experienced enough to make these decisions for yourself. I'm useless at commenting on other people's art dilemas so I won't - but I do love the new Kite painting.

on Sunday, July 10th, greg said

I see I missed giving my advice by a day! :P

well ... as long as you're working!! :D

and good luck next time with the guy. Ask him if he plays an upright bass, and if you could sketch 'im playing sometimes!! I now if I wuz a girl that would be my primo pick-up line! :laugh: