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07/09/2005: "From Trio to Duo"

kite (39k image)

Well, ok, I pretty much totally changed the Trio painting, but I like it a lot more this way. Actually, the place where I took the photo that I used for the background, is a popular area for kite flying. I've been seeing people out there a lot this summer flying kites.

It's only the first layer for the new subject matter so once it dries I'll be able to clean it up a lot and paint the face and hands etc.

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on Saturday, July 9th, RR said

I love it.

on Sunday, July 10th, Elise said

Hi RR, thanks for that!

It's always a little scary to make a dramatic change like this, especially when what I'm painting over represents countless hours of work...but in this case I think I made the right decision...still, I was worried to hear "ah, you ruined it" you know?

I'll probably post some more pictures tomorrow as I'm doing a lot of painting right now and some things look different.

Also, my friend Rod called tonight (hi Rod!) and is buying the painting of the sandy beach pump house so I've just sold my first piece from this show, which means starting off with a dot at the opening, which always puts me in a better place emotionally speaking.

on Sunday, July 10th, greg said

yay for DOTS!! :D Dots 'r goood! That was a cool painting too - you finished? I'll look, recalling an "in progress" view of the pump house before...

Wow what a bold move!! I first tho't some major Photoshoping there ... Now, I'm not saying "you ruined it" but you have introduced some, I think, competing elements into "trio." I might have started a whole new piece, as I thought the original was working wonderfully, but what can one say afterwards about a compelling tug of inspiration!?!?

I dunno how much you care for me to get into it, and I certaining dont want to come off sounding like an art critic!!! (GAAAHHH!!!) ;) ... but anyway ... The sky/cloud design was working perfectly(!) with the symmetry of the 3 players. Now you have to deal with a major diagonal of the kite figure ... should the clouds morph somehow?

The pooch is an awesome(!) detail and looks great!!!

I've said before, your human figures would, I am sure, improve greatly with more life model drawing. Sketch people in a free setting as much as possible! Street musicians are great for that. Also, working out the form in sketchs before hand is a tremendous help. Curious if you tried that before adding the kite flyer?? I have seen you excel in figures in static repose, and think you need to work harder at the more dynamic poses. Methinks I foresee a major drapery study in your future!

I hope this helps in some small way. Dont let me interfere with yer own process - just offering some honest and heartfelt thoughts! :) I hope soon you can return the favor and share your own on some works I am funnin' with!

on Sunday, July 10th, subi said

okay i like this version Elise, but I LOVED the first...i really thought the women looked interesting in a timeless sort of way, while the 2nd version is neat it doesn't seem finished : :confused: btw, when do you leave for DC???

on Sunday, July 10th, subi said

don't take that comment the wrong way know better than I what works! will you be posted all the works together soon for our viewing pleasure? :)

on Sunday, July 10th, Elise said

Thanks for the feedback guys...and yes, I did photoshop this before I made the changes. I had about 15 different versions and the kite flyer is the version that I like the best.

I thought the symetry of the original worked well, but the truth is, it wasn't working for me in a lot of ways and I was just sick of it.

And Subi, it doesn't look finished cuz I just started working on it yesterday afternoon. It's just a first layer. I think it's going to look really good when it's finished.

Anyway, I'll post more images of it as I continue to work on it.

Oh, and Subi, I leave for DC next weekend, actually on the 18th I believe. I better find my tickets (i hate paper tickets but it's a frequent flyer trip)...

Anyway, I'm going to keep working hard on these so they are finished before I take off.

on Sunday, July 10th, subi said

wow elise, everything seems to be coming together!!! yeah!!!! (and jealous!!!:blush:)

check this link out, i might submit an app, you should too!


on Monday, July 11th, Elise said

Wow, what an excellent program. You would be a *perfect* candidate for it. I'm afraid I probably wouldn't be...but thanks for passing it along!