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07/11/2005: "Changes to the woman playing musical saw"

1saw-new (51k image)

I've changed the figure on this one, sorry Subi, I know you liked the "courney love" figure but her head was bothering me and I couldn't change it without changing some other things. So, again...this is only a first layer...I plan to repaint her face, hair, arms and back etc. once it dries. Alos, I'll add some more white to the mountain and rocks so the saw doesn't stand out so much.

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on Monday, July 11th, RR said

I like this but I'm having problems with the little toe on her right foot (the one nearest) - My eye is being drawn to it. It looks a little too bent or perhaps just a little big. I can see the shape her foot is in but perhaps shaving a tiny bit off - or a bit of long grass around the feet, would make it less eye-catching?

on Monday, July 11th, Elise said

OMG! How did I not see that before? It looks like another big toe. I will fix that tonight, how embarassing, I used an earlier version of this on my invites.

Be honest, do you think her upper body looks proportional to her lower body?

on Tuesday, July 12th, RR said

:blush: I knew I shouldn't have written that. I'm not good when people ask my opinion straight! I feel I have to answer and I'm not a decisive person! So ...... in the spirit that you asked me here goes... The good thing about bodies is that in real life every single one of us is different. Some people have big toes, some have little toes some have long legs some short. Now that sounds like a real cop out but what I mean is that your idea of how the figure looks might be different to how I think it should look. I don't think that there is anything unproportional between the upper body and the lower body.... but you asked so perhaps you do? So I've looked again and now I'm less sure. I'm still looking - but now I'm concentrating on the figure rather than the whole painting and i'm squinting at it and trying to work out if you changed bits how it would look and I think that it wouldn't look right if you changed it, so ehmm, yes I do think it's proportional. Did that help any??? :confused:

on Tuesday, July 12th, Elise said

Your sweet! Actually, you're right in that I'm not trying to do realistic figures, I exagerate their curves and they are very stylized etc. But, sometimes something just doesn't look "right" to my eye. And if for example a figure has a pin head and it's not a play on perspective or something, then it can

So, Last night I repainted the foot, let me tell you, it's hard to take a photo of your own foot! But it looks much better now. THANK YOU again for discovering the toe problem!!!

While I was at it, I ever so slightly trimmed down her legs and bum. I think that now, while not looking "realistic", it looks better compositionally...or, to say it another way...whatever it was that was bothering me about the painting before (that think you can't put your finger on) has been fixed.

Thanks again for your help and your opinions!