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07/10/2005: "More recent pics of works"

1glacier3 (87k image)

1cello2 (52k image)

1pumphouse (32k image)

1juneau2 (45k image)

Replies: 6 Comments

on Sunday, July 10th, greg said

Stunning! Bravo! :D

Can't we bid for the pump house work? man! look at that water!

on Sunday, July 10th, Shell said

Wow, your paintings are beautiful - I especially love the ones with the women in them - they have a whimsical quality about them. The colours you use are so stunning. Loved visiting your blog!

on Sunday, July 10th, subi said

i second the bidding process (esp with r's history of rent ...kidding! rr) :P it tells me i have to move quicker! sigh...

on Sunday, July 10th, subi said

btw, i lovelovelove the cello painting! it is really fantastic!

on Sunday, July 10th, Elise said

He has *assured* me that he's good for it.
I plan on doing an entire series based on the pumphouse so keep posted, there may be more...or, I'll probably have Rod's made into a giclee print so that's an option. Just glad that you like it!

Oh, and I'm really happy with how the cello player turned out as well. I already have a potential buyer for that one as well though she said she was interested in it based on an earlier version so hopefully she won't be disappointed with the changes.
:laugh: :laugh:

on Sunday, July 10th, Elise said

Oh, and thanks for the compliment Shell, I checked out your site too, you've got some really interesting work in there!!!