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07/14/2005: "JUMP---Try this out! (plus...question about magnetic business cards)"

So, I just found out that they put a picture of the DVD cover for Kite Club in the paper, along with a little blurb which I'm including a screen shot of a portion of the article because the Juneau Empire is requiring people to register to read their online version:

jump (107k image)

I'm going to try and go to see it on one of the Saturday night showings but I'm feeling really nervous that it will flop. I accidentally missed the special press screening they did for the filmmakers so I don't know how it went over...

anyway, something cool to try out, a fellow librarian turned me onto this site: that allows you to compare search results between google and yahoo. You can see how certain search terms show up number 1 in one, and like 50th or not at all the other. Very easy to understand visually, just put your cursor over a blue dot to see which site it is. I googled myself (DIRTY!) and found the results very interesting.

On another note, I'm taking some heavy duty magnet paper with me on my vacation, so if I have downtime I can make some funky business card magnets...I'm just not sure which images to use, if they should be square of cut out to match images in the paintings, how much info to include (just web I mention comissions)...ahhh I guess I can mix it up. I want to have about 50 of them to leave out at the opening.

Any ideas or have any of you out there done something similar and if so, were you happy with the results?

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on Thursday, July 14th, greg said

Wow what a Renaissance woman! That's great Elise! It sounds very entertaining.

The magnet card idea: are you glueing images on them, printing on them, or making a bunch of customized one-offs - arts works in their own right?

on Thursday, July 14th, Elise said

I'm going to print out the images and them stick them onto the magnet. The magnet sheets are covered with slick paper on one side that if you peel it off it's sticky so you can just adhere anything to it that you like. I'm considering just sticking actual business cards onto the magnet paper, or actually cutting them out in the shape of a figure or mountain or whatever the painting is of. Does that make sense?

on Thursday, July 14th, Joan said

If it wasn't too difficult, I think the cut out images would be fantastic. How cool would it be to have a fiddle head fern hold my coupons on the fridge! Inspiration for sure. Also, it makes me think of those magnetic words used for making your own poetry or prose. People could use your art to create their own art ala Frigidair!

on Thursday, July 14th, Elise said

I've thought about that two, creating magnets with different elements from a painting: mountains, woman, fiddlehead ferns, tree, etc. and you can use them on your fridge to create your own composition.

I was also looking into writing a program that could randomly generate "tomlinson" originals in much the same manner.

on Friday, July 15th, Dio said

That's a very interesting little web page Elise, been trying different things on it all morning.

Its fair to say the highest proportion of my traffic comes via Google - but I get some better placings in Yahoo.

on Friday, July 15th, Elise said

I think it's pretty cool too. I don't think I'd use it for any practical purposes for online searching, but for disecting relevancy ranking and search engine placement in general, it's pretty eye opening. I'll use it to show my students how not everything is index equally from search engine to search engine. It's a very visual way of getting that point across.

on Monday, July 18th, Mona said

Okay, Chickie!

This is my first post to your weblog, Elise. You need to go to this Friday's JUMP show. You have a wonderful creative piece of work being showcased. How can you not see it on the BIG SCREEN?

BTW...the crowd on Saturday loved it and I spoke to someone directly who mentioned they thought it was a very funny piece.

So there you go. Hope to see you Friday!

on Tuesday, July 19th, Elise said

Hey Mona, how did they like yours? I'm sure it was fantastico...

I didn't go Sat. night cuz I fell asleep on the couch after sailing for many hours in high winds, really saps the strength. I'm in DC now so no chance to see it on the big screen.


on Tuesday, November 22nd, Steve said

Whatever happened to Kite Club? I wante d to looked on you site but cant find it anywhere. Can I download it?

on Tuesday, November 22nd, Elise said

Hi Steve, it's available through my site index in a draft isn't in a downloadable form yet but one of the members of our video club made some improvements, he's transferring the files onto my external hard drive and once I have the files I'll post some on this site in a more obvious place. If you send me your email, I'll let you know when it's ready.

on Thursday, November 24th, steve said

okay, cool. I am applebaum69atyahoodotcom.

Thank you I can't wait tosee it.