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07/16/2005: "Priorities"

This morning I met with my friends Mike and Karen to go racing; down at Rozinante Jeff stopped by to say hey while hanging "for sale" signs for his sailboat and he decided to come out with us too. It was really windy, we heeled over like crazy, I drove even though I was a little freaked but the others were so experienced that it was ok.

There was a lot of activity in the channel, two para-surfers were weaving in and out between us at the start of the race, then there was a cruise ship, followed by two speeding Coast Guard boats with gun turrets on their way to escort the cruise ship into port (new since the bombings in London).

There were also some kayakers. At one point there was a fairly hilarious exchange between the coast gaurd and kayakers regarding getting shot at by someone (had to be there).

Mike is an engineer and tinkered around fixing things on the boat for me which was great. Coming back I used my whisker pole for running wing on wing and we made great time. We ran into my slip mate Mark out on his sailboat (but not a part of the race) he sidled up next to us to loan us his propane torch so Mike and Jeff could light up.

Not sure how we placed with our handycap but we did ok. Afterwards they took me out to lunch at the Douglas Cafe and now that I'm finally home I feel way too sleepy to get to work. I have a ton of stuff left to do, I mean TONS of stuff, and I just want to sleep. Rick just called to finalize plans for picking me up at Dulles International (always reminds me of Die Hard II) and I still can't find my tickets.

I have 12 paintings to put finishing touches on (my god, I totally changed the sleeping fiddler painting last night as well) right in the middle of these big changes jen called to see if I wanted to go out on the town with her for Seon's last night in Juneau (she's moving to California) and they karyoked and we danced to hip hop and felt old amongs the kiddies...

oh yes, also need to finish frames etc. and I'm supposed to go see Kite Club with my fellow filmmakers tonight. I think I may have to miss that. I still haven't called back the guy who wanted to commission me to do a painting either. I've lost my calling card and I don't have long distance!


Not to mention needing to tidy up the house, wash clothes, and finish the T-shirt design I'm doing for Joan's fun run (don't worry Joan, I'll finish it!)

I have a feeling I'm not going to be getting a whole lot of sleep before my Monday flight.

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on Monday, July 18th, holly said

Hello? Anybody here? Hmmm. She must be gone. :rolleyes:

/paws through fridge, makes a sandwich/ brushes kitties/wraps contents of house in aluminum foil/leaves.

on Tuesday, July 19th, Elise said

Yep, I is gone. I miss me kitties already!

Why aluminum foil?

on Wednesday, July 20th, holly said

Because, as far as I know, it's only been done once before:

It would give you something to do when you get home! :D

on Wednesday, July 20th, Elise said

that was a great article. I especially love when the guy says he wants to make zombie movies and the interviewer goes into all the social aspects of zombies and then says "is that about right" and he replies "I just like zombies"


on Thursday, July 21st, holly said

LOL! I didn't even notice all of that zombie bidness!

on Thursday, July 21st, holly said

Here: if zombies had personal ads...

on Saturday, July 23rd, Elise said

I especially like the "kids ok" bit!