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09/03/2005: "Wetlands Photos"

I have an idea for how I'd like to do some paintings of the wetlands so I went out this afternoon and took some photographs and then worked with the autolevels in PhotoShop. I think I have some interesting results so far, I have a *bunch* more of these, they look really good at the larger (wallpaper) size but I didn't want to upload such big files, it would take forever to load.

wetlands4 (66k image)

wetlands103 (63k image)

wetlands7 (54k image)

wetlands5 (44k image)

wetlands6 (36k image)

wetlands8 (33k image)

wetlands101 (52k image)

wetlands100 (43k image)

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on Saturday, September 3rd, ann said


on Saturday, September 3rd, Kasia said

The potos are abolutely amazing......

on Sunday, September 4th, Elise said

Thanks guys, I'm particularly interested in the horizontal and diagonal stratifications juxtaposed with the amorphous well as the contrast between the monotone sky and the colorful sea grass.

on Sunday, September 4th, Kasia said

I had to see them one more time.....I just envy the beautiful scenery......There are nice places around my town, but nothing like this!

on Sunday, September 4th, marja-leena said

Gorgeous - such subtle beautiful colours.

on Sunday, September 4th, Sherri said

Elise...the 4th photo is sooo interesting...especially the sky opening!

on Sunday, September 4th, Elise said

I'm happy you guys like these! As for the 4th photo Sherri, there's an expression people use here called a "sucker hole"'s when an opening in the clouds forms so you can see a spot of blue. It's called a "sucker hole" because, as the saying goes, you're a sucker if you believe the weather's starting to clear up!

I've manipulated the exposure on these, as I was shooting into the sun (even through the clouds) there was backlighting, so I had to expose the foreground separately. I did that on most of these...they've been manipulated, but not so much that they lose what the area actually looks like. It was an overcast day but I made the color of the grass as though the sun were shining a spot on it.

I'm just hoping to add a little something...extra.

on Tuesday, September 6th, greg said

WOW - awesome!! I see you actually did get your camera back!You'll be getting lots of people moving to Alaska now... you sure ya want that?? ;)

Sucker hole! lol ... good NW maritime joke! :D

on Tuesday, September 6th, Elise said

You know Greg, after I lost the camera I was so excited to have it back that I quit taking it with me anywhere because I was afraid I would lose it again.

Then I realized, what's the point of having a camera if you don't take it with you and you miss all the cool shots?

So, I'm back to carting the huge lug around with me again.

As I explained above, these images *have* been doctored, really alaska is quite UGLY!


I get emails every week from people wanting to move here. I'm not against it per se, but I think some people don't know what they're getting themselves into. Alaska is a lot more than a pretty face.

on Thursday, September 8th, holly said

I can't get over how many colors there are in the landscape! It's just amazing. We have nothing like that here. No wonder you paint with such a lively palette!

on Thursday, September 8th, Elise said

Well, as I said in one of the comments above somewhere, the day was pretty overcast so I had to play around with the exposure level in Photoshop on the foregrounds to get the colors to pop, but they really are that colorful on a sunny day!

When I manipulate a photo, I think of it as the first stage of a painting. I want the paintings to show the colors in Southeast AK, even if I have to help them along a little.

We have a reputation for being only shades of green and grey here...but it's not true.