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09/07/2005: "Good girl gone bad"

I somehow managed to pour boiling hot water on my fretting hand this morning...maybe it's my dead painter muse's way of telling me to quit playing guitar and get back to painting! Or maybe I have a dead guitarist/song writer muse too and they're currently slugging it out for possession of my soul (and hands)?

Meanwhile, my actual "job" has been a nightmare of late. Do you ever wake up in the morning and the pressure of all your obligations and deadlines makes you feel like faking a psychotic break? I feel like going on a wild Ben and Jerry's ice cream eating rampage in the local supermarket clad in pjs and bunny slippers and tell anyone who approaches me to go f@#! themselves.

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on Wednesday, September 7th, dave from Nebraska said

Mmmm.. bunny slippers!
Glen And Jeremys Secret Spiced Chocolate Chipped Cookie Dough Surprise is my fav!
Sorry! It's my muse speaking again. I had her leave but she let's me know she's still around.

on Wednesday, September 7th, holly said

Faking? Faking's no good-- go for the real thing!

If you go berserker in the grocery store with bunny slippers, please make sure someone takes pics, mmmkay?

on Wednesday, September 7th, ann said

I'll meet you in the ice cream aisle.

But the Chocolate Fudge Brownie is all mine, ya hear?

on Wednesday, September 7th, Elise said

Welcome back Dave! I can't tell from your comment if bunny slippers turn you on, or if you want some for yourself, or if you're thinking of rabbit stew!

And Glen and Jeremy? is that a brand? seriously though, you need to send Holly and I some of those spiced chocolate chip cookies you're always going on's jus not fair!

And Holly, I'll bring a camera and see if Ann will take pictures...then I'll take pictures of her.

BTW, do you need to borrow a pair of bunny slippers Ann?

on Wednesday, September 7th, Dio said

Ouch... Hope your hand isn't too bad - do we need to call in the exorcist any time soon? Maybe you could tie possession in with the Ben And Jerry's escapade... :D

on Thursday, September 8th, Kasia said

oh, I know how it feels to lead a hectic life! Everybody wants something from you and you don't have enough time to sleep! I have 2 months of holiday every year but the rest 10 months is crazy.I teach 10 hors a day in different schools and at home....i dream about teaching at night and think about on sunday. in june i am so tired I want to kill myself. ....Right know i am between schools - i have 30 minutes break for lunch and coffee. ...

Hope your hand don't hurt much! Tell that bad muse to!:)

on Thursday, September 8th, Elise said

Yah, now that movie is out "based on a true story" the only officially recognized exorcisim by the Catholic Chuch. Wild!

And I know how tough teachers have it during the school year Kasia, I have friends who are teachers and I get tired just hearing about their day. I'm sure I'll figure out how to deal with everything.

Right now I'm off to the bank. Turns out I've bounced a bunch of checks. YEAH!

on Thursday, September 8th, Ty said

I LOVE IT! At some point we all just want to say screw the world and everyone that wants something from me. Since I'm become a "fulltime artist", if there is such a thing, I have lost all my social skills. There never seems to be enough time in the day to get all the "extra" crap done in order to paint "fulltime".
Deadlines suck!!

on Thursday, September 8th, Elise said

So Ty, you have reached the pinnacle aspired to by every artist... Fulltime status!

That is my long term goal but sometimes it seems very very far off.

Right now Iím a few days away from having to submit my tenure file at the university where I work. Although I do love working for the university, I canít think of anything that would make me happier than to be able to burn the damn thing and paint full time.

Whatís your secret!??

on Thursday, September 8th, ann said

You have extra bunny slippers to loan me?

You are my hero.

on Sunday, September 11th, RR said

Sorry to hear about the hand and yes can totally empathise about the psychotic break.

on Sunday, September 11th, Elise said

I know you just got back from holiday recently yourself, don't ya just love that pile of post holiday work they leaving waiting just for you!

Also, my hand is much better, thanks.