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09/10/2005: "Dangers of too much "Leesee Time""

I've always lived with a lot of people; a big family growing up and later roommates. I had a friend who told me that the longer you lived alone, the more you'd start talking to yourself, sometimes in public places like the store or while walking down the street. I remember thinking that was kind of pathetic.

I've been living alone for around 3 years now and today I found myself talking to the food in my refrigerator...

I looked in at the eggs and said "don't get too cozy in there, I'm gonna eat you later...and you too turkey bacon... cocky SOB!". Followed by sinister giggles and then a lengthy explanation to my cat about the Circle of Life.


My sister called, she's working full time and has a new baby and is excited because she'll be able to cut back to 30 hours a week so she'll get a few more hours of "Jenny time" each week, when she can just be alone. I said to her, "Yah, I need a little more Leesee time" too (childhood nickname) and there was this pregnant pause where I think she was trying to decide if I was being sarcastic. That's when I admitted to her about talking to my she'd realize that there are trade-offs.

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on Sunday, September 11th, Mike said

Just like to say how much I have enjoyed your "site" - especially your art and an insight into your world.

I can empathise with your concerns about talking to the contents of your fridge - Here in England it is considered rude not to reply to a comment or question - but what do you do when you open your fridge at 10am on a Sunday morning and the tomatoes give you a look as if to say " Oh so you have got out of bed at last "!!

Hmmmm - just love to watch them sizzling in the pan - gone is the dumb insolence and so tasty on fried bread.

I have some thoughts on male nudes and eco friendly heating but will save it for now

very best wishes from Mick in Cornwall UK.

on Sunday, September 11th, Elise said

Is that Mick or Mike? or...Mike Mick? I'm glad you like my art work and I'm curious to hear about your theories on the eco friendly heating of the male nude.

on Sunday, September 11th, Elise said friendly heating *and* the male nude!

on Sunday, September 11th, holly said

Too funny! I'm so afraid of what's going to happen to me touring around France by myself. I already have long one-sided discourses with myself on bicycle rides, I talk to roadkill, which I think is prolly not very normal ("Oh no, buddy! What were you thinking? This is a terrible place for a possum to cross the road!"). My very first roommate I ever had in my life was a stranger (I responded to an ad)-- she talked to *everything*: food, hairbrush, bars of soap, dish towels. I think I drove her crazy with my weird music and she eventually moved out. Every now and then I talk to something in the house and think I'm channeling Roberta...

on Sunday, September 11th, holly said

I have no idea why that Winky Face showed up in my comment. That was meant to me a sincere comment about the sorrowful statements I make to roadkill, not a sarcastic Winky Face remark. Just so you know. I take my roadkill commentary very seriously. ;)

on Sunday, September 11th, Elise said

Well, I don't talk to bars of soap or dish towels (yet)...I'm really impressed with all the training you've done this summer for your big trip...(suffers prolonged pang of jealousy)

Oh, and I get sorrowful over dead animals in the road too, although here it's more likely the wiley porcupine. They're so cute too (well...not when they're in the road but you know what I mean)

on Monday, September 12th, Mick said

Although there is an obvious link between male nudity and eco-friendly heating I was thinking of them as 2 separate issues LOL.

I love your female nudes but wondered if you ever painted male nudes. As a naturist myself I love the way you represent the nude body from a purely aesthetic point of view.

BTW on the subject of giving to big charities have you seen how much they pay their top executives. Someone who looked into the expenses of one of the charities you mentioned told me that a top executive had insisted on spending about $20K on tarting up his office. All I am saying is dont feel too guilty about having a life.

The Sun is out so I am going out to enjoy it.


on Monday, September 12th, holly said

I would say that if you have male nudes around your house you probably have a damn good eco-friendly heater!

on Monday, September 12th, Elise said

I find the female nude more interesting to render. I mostly had women art models except for Edwin, a 70 year old man who posed for *all* the classes; he had been volunteering for many many years and he shaved all the hair off his enire body; I found him boring to draw after my 3rd time but was forced to keep drawing him hundreds of times over the years.

Anyway, aside from Edwin we had a nice combination of women models and I got pretty good at drawing the female nude to the point where I can do it without models, which helps once you get out of school and can't afford to pay anyone.

Speaking of which, unless you count my cat Osiris, I don't have *any* male nudes lying about the house Holly - rub it in my face why don't ya!

BTW Mick, please tell me which charity that I mentioned overpays their top executives (please don't tell me it's Oxfam)...can we trust no one in this world!

on Monday, September 12th, holly said

I think you've polluted my mind, Elise. I went to buy a bagel in the bookstore before teaching today and when I opened up the bagel bin, I heard myself say, "I see you down there, my little cinnamon raisin beauty!" and I wondered how long I've actually been talking to bagels in a public place and never realized it...

on Monday, September 12th, mick said

As to which charity I reckon most of the big ones have to pay big bucks to get people competent to manage.
I would guess that many earn a heck of a lot more than you or I and possibly both of us put together. Do you think that they constantly fret over how much they give to Charity ???

As to the male nudes I guess Edwin counts as some sort of aversion therapy - though I hope he is not the only male nude you have met besides Osiris ;) ;)

Bye 4 now Mick

on Monday, September 12th, Jackie said

E: Okay - so you can talk to yourself, as long as you're not rubbing your hands together and hissing "My preciousss...precious knows.." Then I'd be worried about you. It's funny how many people I come across who are talking to themselves at work. My mom has talked to herself for many fact, my sisters and I overheard her having a conversation with herself in the bathroom one time. Sure, she'd had a couple shots of Stolichnaya. And she swore she was talking to 'us'. Hey - if you live by yourself, what the heck? Chances are your kitties will not start talking back. :crazy:
I too prefer the nude female. More interesting curves. In life drawing class, we had a somewhat large female model (she was also a dancer at a topless club in Fairbanks) and she was not shy at all. We also had a male model - what a bore. He was always trying to show off his Kung-Fu moves and muscles. Yawn. Of course - I prefer women over men in all things, anyway. ;)

on Monday, September 12th, Elise said

As for the number of non-aversion therapy male nudes I’ve seen in my life…well, since my DAD reads this blog sometimes so that will have to remain a “don’t ask don’t tell” kind of thing.

Cinnamon raisin bagels...Homeresque drool ensues… You know Holly, you've probably been talking to yourself out loud for eons and just didn't realize it!

Now that I’m thinking about it, I used to talk to myself when I’d walk to and from school when I was a kid. I’d make up these elaborate stories with lots of different characters and then I’d play all the voices. So, it was more like doing one of those old time radio story broadcasts then “talking to myself”…I’ve never actually had, you know, conversations with myself. Sometimes it’s more of a thinking out loud thing, or making declarative statements such as:

“Boy, I think this is the best cup of coffee I’ve ever made”

As opposed to actual conversations such as:

“So Elise, what do you think about this cup of coffee?”
“Well, I think it’s one of the best you’ve ever made”
“Gee, thanks!”
“No really, I mean it, it’s *excellent*”.
“You know, I think I’m lonely”
“It’s OK, we all get lonely sometimes”
“Really, even you…you’re amazing!”
“Yes, even me”.

on Monday, September 12th, holly said

AHA! Did you not just have an entire (albeit brief) conversation with yourself in front of the whole world wide web?!?!

on Monday, September 12th, Elise said

I said *as opposed to actual conversations*...the above was meant to illustrate the kind of obviously crazy thing I would *never* do!