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09/23/2005: "God Bless America"

It has been raining here forever and ever. When I wake up, when I go to sleep, dark, cold, rainy. I get 1-3 emails a week from people wanting/hoping to move here. I created the FAQ page but even that hasn't helped, people want to talk to someone who actually lives here. I don't always have the time to write back and I'm afraid the responses they get might vary a lot. For example, at the moment, I'm not loving it.

I'm holed up at home with a space heater, blankets, my new Dobro and lots of junk food. I got the deposit check for the commission this afternoon so I'm in the process of cleaning up too so I can get started. Two things can always get me going when I haven't painted in awhile (a check, unfortunately, is one of them) the others are a clean well lighted studio, and brand spankin new brushes...lots of them.

I'm also watching CNN and keeping my fingers crossed that Rita will continue to weaken. Is it just me or do reporters seem sorta let down when they have to report a storm might not be as bad as originally predicted, (and orgasmic when things seem like they might get worse?)

John Stewart was so funny today, he said "I have this quick thing I want to say to The Almighty, um, what part of 'God Bless America' don't you get?"

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on Friday, September 23rd, mick said

Hi Elise - So glad you are setting up for your next project - but know what you mean about dark cold and rainy - well perhaps not as much dark as you get - but thats when I am so glad I can just stoke up a decent log fire (and turn on the central heating lol).
Perhaps I will sit by the fire with a glass of red wine and ponder whether I am a Dork, a Dweeb or perhaps even a bit of a Chav !!
Fingers crossed that Rita doesnt do too much harm.

on Friday, September 23rd, Howard said

shhh, don't say the R word. It's been dry here for most of the summer. I'm sure it will be gray and wet soon enough.

on Friday, September 23rd, Elise said

I have always loved/lusted after having a fireplace. I always thought that was a must for any home of mine, but so far, no luck. I don't think I can afford the pellet stove, after all that. The price of pellets here and the fact they have to barge them in, makes less of an incentive for me (as for as carbon neutrality goes, it's like robbing peter to pay paul).

And Howard, I'm glad you've had such a nice summer, but just think how much more work you'll get done once you don't want to go outside as much.

I'll say it again, I really love your new work Howard, if any of you haven't checked it out before, you really should (just click on his name).