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10/20/2005: "Amigo nuevo"

Tonight I met a really interesting guy while working the night shift at the library (Hola Guillermo, si me encuentras aquí). I was helping him do a lit review for a graduate level research paper and in the process had a conversation that gave me a lot to think terms of the choices we make in our lives and the effects of taking the road less traveled etc.

Plus he speaks Spanish and wanted me talk with him en Español but I was too nervous (no gracias). He also asked for my phone number and I had to tell him no so I felt obligated to mention my fear of talking on the phone etc. which as you all know is very true but maybe sounded like I was full of monkey pox (viruela o "pox" del mono).

Replies: 2 Comments

on Friday, October 21st, Concha said

Hablas Espanol?

on Friday, October 21st, Elise said

hola Concha, si, hablo Espanol, a veces...pero, hace mucho tiempo sin practicarlo.