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11/11/2005: "Received in a letter this afternoon:"

(after three pages of specifics)

"Professor Elise Tomlinson has established an outstanding record at the Assistant Professor level and based upon her past contributions and her anticipated future professional growth with the University of Alaska Southeast, the committee recommends that she be tenured and promoted to the rank of Associate Professor of Library Science."
Of course, this is only my peer evaluation committee, but this recommendation will be forwarded on to the full tenure, it's looking pretty good!

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on Friday, November 11th, subi said

WOOOOHOOOO! Professor Tomlinson!!!!! I know it'll happen! I know it!!!!! your the queen! they should be so honored to have you!

on Saturday, November 12th, Rod said

OMG!!! You are a Professor??!! Can I call you Prof.? :D
Congratulations, and may I say you are the first professor I have had the honor of living with. I would be proud to do your dishes!!
Tiny-E is in the house!! :laugh:

on Saturday, November 12th, RR said

What a fantastic peer evaluation - it must be so nice to know that people who work with you value you :) Keeping my fingers crossed for the tenure committee result

on Saturday, November 12th, Elise said

ah shucks guys!

The actual evaluation letter (above I just skipped to the last line) did say some really nice things though. There have been times where I've felt really stressed out because there has been so much work to do, but it's funny how the slightest bit of recogintion can make it all seem worthwhile.

Oh, and I'll save up some dirty dishes just for you Rod...of course, by the next time you actually come for a visit they will be quite ripe!

I'll be sure to take lots of pictures.

on Saturday, November 12th, subi said

here's the link to an artists site whose mamy-blog i visit, i think she's quite good! 'her women' reminded me of 'your women'!

on Saturday, November 12th, marja-leena said

Wow and double wow and congratulations! It sounds pretty sure to me, Professor Elise Tomlinson!! Impressive title, not sure if I'm good enough company over here anymore :D

on Saturday, November 12th, Elise said

Hey Subi, thanks for the link, I really like her paintings, they're very interesting!

And thanks Marja-leena, I've worked hard and it seems to be paying off...and don't worry, you're company will always be too good for me!

BTW, I saw on Anna Conti's site a definition you gave on the difference between photographic reproductions and fine art prints that perfectly articulated something I could never quite explain to people thanks!

on Saturday, November 12th, greg said

Looking good indeed! Congrats! :)

on Saturday, November 12th, Elise said

hee hee, thanks Greg!

on Sunday, November 13th,">mick said

Great news indeed though I must say I am not greatly surprised - BTW I also enjoyed subi's link and can see some similarities but also a world of difference - u are both unique.

on Sunday, November 13th, Elise said

Subi and I are close friends from way fact, we hitch hiked through England, Ireland and Scotland together many years ago...though I don't believe we ever made it to Cornwall. I don't know about me but Subi is definitely one of a kind.