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11/25/2005: "Thankful"

So, here in the US yesterday was "Thanksgiving". I had planned on not celebrating it this year, not because of any anti-thanksgiving rehtoric but because I've been having an unbelivable period of creativity...but, a friend said she'd feel really bummed out if she had no where to go and so I agreed to host a small gathering at my place... which ended up being wonderful. Fun and interesting new friends, delicious food and wine and mellow tunes.

One guest was another local artist who brought his portfolio to share. He's done some incredible photorealistic work, and is having an opening at the Gallery of the North for our big December First Friday. It's odd not having an upcoming opening of my own but painting without that pressure is so nice. I love it! I look at all my new paintings (I'll post some photos soon) and I worry a little about not having a venue to sell them...but I can deal with that later.

Oh, and my family called, yeah! Anyway, I feel a lot more positive about where I'm at. It's still raining but if it was snowing or warm and sunny, I'd probably be outside playing rather than being holed up in the studio. I get 4 days of sleeping on the couch, eating left overs, and painting. And when it comes right down to it, there's nothing I'd rather be doing.

I'd also like to say thanks to all of you who pop in and read this blog from time to time. All of your encouragement and feedback over the past years has been invaluable to me. Seriously, there are times when I feel like a talentless hack and then I'll read a comment here that turns it all around. I consider you all dear, thanks from the bottom of my alizarin crimson heart.

falling-leaves (27k image)

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on Friday, November 25th, Steve said

I don't comment normally but I have enjoyed reading about your work and how you paint so, thank you.

on Friday, November 25th, ann said

The paintings you have in progress are great, Elise. After I saw them, I started brainstorming for ways to miraculously find some money to buy one... or more! I don't think you should worry about selling them right now. I think that will work out...

on Friday, November 25th, Elise said

Hi Steve, thanks (are you the same Steve that wants me to send him Kite Club?)

Anyway, I'm glad that you like the new paintings Ann! It's always a little scary when people first see a new batch of paintings in progress, regardless of what I try to tell myself I *do* care what people think, especially people who's opinion I respect.

on Saturday, November 26th, subi said

i think it is so fabulous to watch your artwork grow and change... it is a pretty amazing, awe-inspiring thing as a friend too--to see how far you've i've always been a fan, but I am so happy that your art has taken a course for the more prolific which you stand by /as you always have for what is true to you! :) long ago were the days of 'pussy in my window' ahhh, but i do miss those days of youth! :confused: :P

on Sunday, November 27th, Elise said

Thanks Subi!!
I've enjoyed watching you grow as a poet and feel inpired by all that you've done and continue to do.

OMG! Pussy in the Window! I just found (really dark) slides from that show..."Penetrated Structures" that I did with Rick, I was just looking at "PimW" and was thinking...woah, I can't believe some of the stuff I used to was so in your face!


I miss those days too, but in terms of my art, I'm probably painting as much now as I used to when I was taking 3-4 studio classes...and the work has changed as i've changed as a person and I don't think I've ever felt as centered as an artist as I do right now.