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01/13/2006: "Zippity Do Dah"

Well, I’m feeling better and leaving for Anchorage for the weekend. My sister in Texas is visiting my sister in Anchorage and my cousin is back from college so we’re going to have a big shin dig.

In other news, I have to pick up my prints from the print shop…I should have calculated what it was going to cost ahead of time…it’s way more than I expected but now I’ll have smaller sizes to offer. I’m thinking of doing away with the whole “limited edition” thing for some of my images because I’m unclear on how "editions" work with one image in 3 different sizes? Later I'll email people who wanted to know when I'd have prints available.

What else? I have done a very small bit of painting the last couple of nights working on pieces in the “in progress” gallery (I'll update that soon). I think I “mostly” improved things except for one new lazy eye. Oh, and I just found out that plans have been approved to put a zip-line in at my favorite hiking spot, the historic Treadwell Mines area a couple blocks from my house (where I've taken a lot of photos. I’m very very very bummed about this.

“As proposed, a tour would consist of transport across the channel from Juneau to the site, where guests would board six-wheel all-terrain vehicles up the Treadwell Trail, en route to the aerial-cable starting point. Guests would glide along a series of zip lines and sky bridges and view sites along the aerial course with guides pointing out historic relics below.”-Juneau Empire

Now the place will be overrun with noisy, yapping tourists...Treadwell is on Douglas Island so it's always been a locals only kind of refuge...Blah Anyway, I'm sorry this “artist” blog has been so boring and un-artsy an artist still an artist when they aren’t really making art anymore?

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on Friday, January 13th, subi said an artist still an artist when they aren’t really making art anymore?
god, i hope so! (which means there's still hope for me huh...though plug 'writer' there)I the chapbook is in the last edit stage, so soon, my sweets!

on Friday, January 13th, Elise said

Yeah! I'm really looking forward to it. So, you're not writing much anymore?
What's stopping you?

on Friday, January 13th, greg said

I hope so too! But weren't you just saying you're working (or playing, as one artist i know prefers to call doing art) ...?

Plus, making prints is part of the deal, as is marketing-stuff like thinking about limited-edition vs unlimited - something to really ponder. Can one get away with something like "Second (or Third) -run limited editions" ??? :confused: hmmm....

Glad to hear you are among the living again and not too zombie like! :)

BTW check your email. I have a blogging question.

on Friday, January 13th, Elise said

Hi Greg, sure thing...I'll go check now though I'm getting ready to leave for the airport in a little bit here so depending on the question I may have to wait to get back to you.

on Friday, January 13th, ann said

An artist is always an artist. For some, it's who you are, not what you do (or how productive you are).

Have fun at the big shin dig!!

on Friday, January 13th, Elise said

Thanks Ann! I hope you have a great weekend as well.

on Friday, January 13th, Kasia said

Treadway mines look great! Like a scenery from the horror picture!
And do not worry about your art - I think it's O.k. not work in one's field for a short time - it helps to gain a new, fresh power - and helps to distract our attention. It's good.

on Saturday, January 14th, subi said

well, writing, some yes, but mostly the ever revising type...i need to chat you up...have any maroon women you want to feature on the next dusie? especially now with the prints, etc, who knows maybe the pub in the poet world might give you some business, if ever possible? i so want a maroon woman for the next issue...soon the works now! xoxo. (oh, for your swiss trip, etc too! & more soon with requets...of a sequestered nature. :hehe:

on Saturday, January 14th, Elise said

I may have a maroon woman for the next Dusie, thanks for asking...I'll check what I have when I get home but if you could be more specific. Also, requests of a sequestered nature? Sounds so mysterious...

on Saturday, January 14th, Elise said

Oh, and thanks for that Kasia, I think you're right about not working not being the end of the world. I never thought of the mine as a good local for a horror movie shoot but you're right, I'll have to keep that in mind.