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02/06/2006: "My blog is in the clouds"

I got this from Subi's website, a place that will generate an image of random words from your blog, called a blog cloud. The bigger the word, the more time the word was used. Then they'll turn it into a T-shirt for you if you want. Here's a picture of my blog cloud:

blog-cloud (22k image)

Cool eh? Also, I added 2 new photos of yours truly to my about me page (and yes, I'm wearing lip stick, gasp!). I felt like a dork posing with the autotimer but it was fun...the first one I cut and pasted in front of the photo I took last summer of a cruise ship passing in front of my house at night. I can't decide if I like the way it looks or if I think it looks cheesy. The second one I put through a watercolor filter in photoshop. I look pissed off but I kindof like it.

also, I've been tagged with this one about 7 times so for those of you still reading, here's the 4 meme.

    4 Jobs I have had:

  • Corn detassler

  • Godfather's pizza cook

  • Theater projectionist

  • Landscaper (just as a laborer)

  • 4 Movies I watch over and over:

  • Bladerunner

  • Naked Lunch

  • Harold and Maude

  • 28 Days Later

  • Four TV Shows I Love

  • Battlestar Galactica

  • Lost

  • Surface

  • Arrested Development

  • Places I have lived:

  • California

  • New York

  • Spain

  • Hawaii

  • Websites I visit daily

    I don't like this one because there are more than 4 and I don't want anyone to feel left out cuz I loves ya all!

    4 of my favorite foods:

  • Pizza

  • Steak and gravy over rice

  • Ben and Jerry's icecream

  • Pad Se Ew (Thai)

  • 4 Places I'd rather be right now:

  • Somewhere on a tropical beach drinking tinto de verano

  • Sailing with the tradewinds

  • At my big San Francisco opening (I'd prefer SF to NYC)

  • Actually, I'm pretty happy at home here on Douglas Island right now.

  • Who I am tagging (I'm trying not to tag any of the same people as last time):

  • Ann's Attitude

  • Leah Peah

  • Biker Banner

  • Michael Maas

Replies: 19 Comments

on Monday, February 6th, RR said

I am a sad panda.
First you skip my opening (no worries, I am sick and did not go myself!) and then you take the pic with my painting down.
I luv the wc filter. It is like a "make this photo look really cool" filter. I usually posterize it before wc-ing it.
come by this Friday. We can have a beer and yack some more.

on Monday, February 6th, subi said

okay, i just love the first pic! you look so beautiful!!! the second pic it looks like your stewing up some revenge or are a wee bit tipsy? the first one is gorgeous!!! where was it taken?

on Monday, February 6th, Elise said

Oh...Rob, I was confused at first because Red Writing (from Scotland) signs her posts I thought...wait, I missed your opening?

Sorry about that...but what picture (with your painting taken down) are you talking about? If it's the second to last in my "about me" section, that was a photo of my studio from 2 years ago...way before I bought your, no's still up in the same spot on my wall!

And yes, I'm addicted to PhotoShop filters (there, I've admited it!)

oh, and come by where? Your gallery?

And Subi, thanks for your advice on the you think I should take that second one down, I don't want people to think I'm drunk and plotting revenge! Yes, I think I should take it down.

The first one, I just took a photo of me in front of a white wall, then I deleted the white wall and replaced it with one of my favorite photos that I've ever taken, it's the deck of a cruise shipping passing in the night. I took it out my studio window with a telephoto lens. I tried to integrate the two so it looked like I was actually standing in front of it. Does it look "real" or can you tell I was stiched in?

on Monday, February 6th, subi said

Rod, I thought you were RR fromthe UK to with that handle... Elise didn't tell you that 'your' painting found a home??? In's on loan until you cough up the cash dude...Elise needs to come and see me and Stella...oh and she can pick it up for a again, kay?

Elise, I want you to take photos of me and put them on that backdrop, you look so beautiful...I doubt I would compare, but it is so surreal, I didn't think it a fudge job...what a keeper!!!! :)

on Monday, February 6th, Subi said

my God woman!!! you are quick!!!!! that photo is gonzo! :P

on Monday, February 6th, Elise said

I think there's been several miscommunications on this one...RR is for ROB ROYS, not ROD REMILY...and nor RR from the UK.

The painting *Rob* was talking about, was one of his that I purchased from him, not the one of mine that *Rod* purchased from me.

I got the idea from seeing the photo of Jason Mraz on his just has a specific look, washed out colors, dark shadows, I thought, I want to take a better photo for my website. I remembered the cruise ship photo cuz it's one that I really really love, it has an almost supernatural feel to it.

And no you can't use it! You are beautiful enough without stunning backdrops! I need all the help I can get!!!

on Monday, February 6th, RB said

Ok, I've just got to ask...what's a Corn detassler? :confused:

on Monday, February 6th, Kasia said

The photos of yours are really great! A pizza cook? That must have been terrible! my friend worked in McDonald's for some time and it was a traumatic experience. :)

on Monday, February 6th, Elise said

Hi RB, a "corn detassler" is someone who has to walk through the corn fields and tear off the tassels at the tops of each plant of one variety of corn. It needs to get done so the plants can cross polinate eachother and produce hybrid corn. The field I worked for was actually a popcorn field.

Here's a definition of detasseling from

It was a horrible horrible job...nuf said.

And Kasia, I actually enjoyed working at the pizzaria. We got to eat lots of free pizza which is my fav. food, and I worked with really cool people. It was more of a sit-down resturant, not fast food, so it was no where near as bad as working at McDonalds. Now *that* would be a nightmare!

on Tuesday, February 7th, Lee-Ann said

Hi! i've been visiting ur blog for a while now & i really liked ur paintings. Anyways, that "blog cloud" is so kewl! Hope you don't mind me doing the same thing on my's something new & pretty cool :D thanks

on Tuesday, February 7th, subi said

oh well, it was worth a try :P but is this the same 'rob' i used to live with at Doris? If so i didn't know he was a painter!

on Tuesday, February 7th, greg said

You did a nice job with that photo, and the page looks great!

That blog cloud is cool! I'm glad my name didnt turn up ... I figured I posted here enough! :hehe:

on Tuesday, February 7th, Elise said

Hi Lee-Ann, thanks for commenting, I always love hearing from new people! Feel free to link to the blog cloud thing, it's going around, lots of people linking to it, it wasn't my idea or anything to start with. :D

And Subi, which Rob are you thinking of? (LeCrone?) sheesh...but no, I don't think you know this Rob, he's from Juneau, lived here his whole life etc.

And thanks Greg about the photo, I was in some ways inspired by your email when you suggested self-portraits. That thought honestly had never crossed my mind.

And who knows, maybe your name did show up, some of those words are too small to read, for my old eyes anyway!

on Tuesday, February 7th, ann said

Ok, I've done the 4 things meme and the blog cloud. I'm liking the blog cloud. I wonder how egocentric it would be of me to order the t-shirt?? :)

on Tuesday, February 7th, Kasia said


on Tuesday, February 7th, subi said

god i'm such a loser! Sorry Rob... I thought it was ROD!!!!!! /under a pseudonym naturally... :crazy: do rk dork dork...sorry for harassing your friends :confused:

on Tuesday, February 7th, Elise said


First off, I considered ordering the t-shirt too, I just like the idea of it...I was going to get navy lettering on a baby blue tee...I just don't have the $$$ right now.
And Subi...

do rk dork dork?

You forget, I don't speak swiss german!

on Tuesday, February 7th, RB said

Thanks for explaining the corn detassler thing...I think I would have lasted about ten minutes. :)

on Tuesday, February 7th, Elise said

Yah, it was horrid. We had to where trash bags to stay dry, your hands get all cut up, like tons of paper cuts from the leaves of the corn plants, and then there was lots of dripping pesticides etc.

Still, it taught me a good work ethic.