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02/10/2006: "Friday Cat Blogging (thanks Axis of Evel Knievel)"

Well, I'm home sick's sunny outside...sortof. I'm sleeping on the couch with my two kitties Osiris and Lemoni. As you can see, they love each other as much as I love them!

cats-spooning (85k image)

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on Friday, February 10th, Rod said

What a great photo! I had a cat only for a short time (2 years) and I really enjoyed it!
At first I didn't wan't my live-in girlfriend to bring her cat, but after awhile, it liked me more than her. :D
Then she moved out. :P
And took the cat. :angry:

on Friday, February 10th, Elise said

Which of your *many* women was that?

Anyway, I grew up thinking that I hated cats until someone gave me Lemoni as a little runt kitten and I fell in love. Then I got Osiris so she'd have a playmate and they've been best buds ever since.

on Saturday, February 11th, Kasia said

I never really liked cats. I have changed my mind lately. I know they can be as nice as dogs. (almost:))
And the photo is soooooo funny!

on Saturday, February 11th, ann said

Great picture! Fabulously cute kitties :)

on Saturday, February 11th, greg said

Nearly almost as cute as LWFCs (little-fluffy-white-cockapoos)

I hate these "almost spring" colds. Have you ever tried that "airborne" stuff? It really seemed to keep it at bay, until I stopped and last night full-bore runny, stuffy, etc! :(

on Saturday, February 11th, greg said

oops ... sorry for the "MO" (misordered acronym) :hehe:

on Saturday, February 11th, Elise said

Hey Kasia, I always thought cats were aloof and too independant but both of mine follow me around the house, meet me at the door when I come home, come when I call them etc. just like a dog. Osiris loves to play fetch more than anything and will sit up and beg or roll over for a treat! Anyway, I'm happy that your anti-cat attitude is changing. ;)

And thanks Ann, the two of them sleep like this all the time which I think is really sweet.

And greg, no one is *as* cute as the LFWC!

on Saturday, February 11th, berry bowman connell said

Plus, if you get up and make some chicken noodle soup, they will help drink some broth, which as cats go, they think is very helpful.
Got a pair of brothers that some moron dumped in the middle of a road before they had their eyes open. Moron's loss, one is a living comedian that plays with all the dogs and the other is a mouser the likes of which I had never seen from any of my previous cats.

on Saturday, February 11th, Elise said

Hi Berry, I can't imagine how some people can be so cruel to defensless not even care enough to leave them with a shelter!

It was very good of you to rescue them. I thankfully do not have any mice, I think I'd feel upset if I found their little corpses although I'm sure it's great fun for the kitties.

on Saturday, February 11th,">Rob Roys said

that is the cutest thing ever.

sorry about your cold. that bug has hit everyone.

on Saturday, February 11th, Elise said

Thanks Rob, I think they're pretty cute too!

It's weird about this cold/ sucks and it seems to take awhile to kick.

on Monday, February 13th, Jackie said

E: Well - if you had meeces, you might only find pieces...of the many kitties I've had since a child, those that were avid hunters usually left only the inedible parts of mice/voles/rats/birds on our doorstep: feet, heads, get the picture?
Are yours indoor kitties? Our one is - after losing his adopted brother, Tolstoy - to god-knows- what end. I vowed I'd never allow another cat outdoors, at least not here in suburbia. :cry:

on Monday, February 13th, Elise said

Both have been indoor kitties only since birth so neither of them want or try to get outside, in fact, the outside scares them, I can bring groceries in the house with the door wide open and be ok (of course I don't)...

I think it's hard to keep an outdoor cat inside (probably) but I'm way too neurotic to let my lil ones go out wandering on their own. I'd be a basket case.

Sorry to hear about Tolstoy, perhaps he is off in the wilds of suburbia or off with a new family, you can always hope for the best.