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04/16/2006: "phthalocyanine blue + kitty = bloody nightmare"

Both of my cats got into paint today. First lemoni who rubbed up against a large brush fully loaded with sap green (not a big deal, was able to wash out with dish soap fairly easily)...

Later, Osiris jumped up onto my pallet as I started painting the following

girl-with-ethereal-smile (55k image)

He landed both paws in the phathalo blue, he's done this before but not in a long while. I had to take him in the bathroom with the dish soap, it is so pigment loaded that the tiniest tiniest bit goes a looooong looooong way. So, he got it on his face (both cheeks and chin) on his kneck, all the way down the underside of his belly, oh my. It took me over an hour to get him all cleaned up, 2o minutes to get myself cleaned up, and another half hour to clean out the bathroom where I locked him in while we did the cleaning the cat dance of torture. phthalo blue freaking everywhere.

It's particularly difficult to get out of the deep gashes in my feet, thighs and back!

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on Sunday, April 16th, ann said

Sorry to hear about the blue kitty nightmare. Sounds horrible for both you and Osiris!

But the painting you are working on? I love it!

on Sunday, April 16th, TDB said

You're not kidding about phthalo blue. I think it's even worse in oil paint. :cool:

on Sunday, April 16th, Elise said

Yah TDB, this *was* oil paint. I mean, TOTAL nightmare.

on Sunday, April 16th, Elise said

Oh, and I'm glad you like the painting ann, it's just a start, there are things I need to fix after the first coat dries, like her kneck is too skinny and the eye's are a little off.

on Monday, April 17th, Daniel said

I dig the painting, Elise. you should pull-out a series of close-up portraits, like that one.

on Monday, April 17th, Elise said

Hi Daniel, thanks! I used to paint a lot of portraits when I was in high school but stopped for some reason, not sure why as I really enjoy them.

btw, i haven't forgotten about your portfolio, I'm going to get it in the mail this week I promise!

on Monday, April 17th, Jim L said

Oh my god! I can just imagine what happens when you mix phthalo blue and cats. I swear I open a tube of phthalo and 2 seconds later there is a deep blue stain clear across the room - phthalo blue is one possessed pigment, but I couldn't do without it....

on Monday, April 17th, Elise said

"possessed pigment" sooo true. I have it everywhere in my house, on my computer keys, door nobs, carpeting...I don't know how or why it's like that, I don't have the same problem with other colors.

on Monday, April 17th, Nicole said

Aargh! I feel your pain! After a particularly blustery day, paint that I was working with was knocked down on the back patio---splattering everywhere. My kitties, in an attempt to help, walked all through the paint.
The damage was so extensive, the only solution was to pain the patio entrance. It is very WHITE now. Not bad--but definitely not how I had intended on spending my day.
And all kitten paws are thoroughly cleansed. Amen.

on Monday, April 17th, Jackie said

E: Aaaghh! What a nightmare! Sounds like some naughty spirits are living in your Pthalo bue paint! Thank goodness Porthos can't get into the garage unless I open the door for him. But he does come out to visit sometimes - and lately my corner has been smelling of eau-de-kitty-pee, which was being blamed on the insence I burn. Turns out he thought the dishpan used to catch sawdust/woodchips under our table saw made an attractive litter box! Peeww - cat-pee soaked sawdust! :P

on Monday, April 17th, Elise said

Hi Nicole, that sounds equally nasty, were you using oils or acrylics? The bottom line is always the kitties though, I was so afraid osiris would try to lick his paws with that toxic gunge on them!

And Jackie, that's funny about the sawdust pile, but it makes sense, they make biodegradable litter from saw dust!

on Monday, April 17th, Howard said

It re mainds me of colorants we use at work to tint house paint. Get alittle dab of that stuff on you and next thing you know it's everywhere.
Love the new painting too!

on Monday, April 17th, Howard said

Uh, that's reminds, not sure how I came up with that.