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04/20/2006: "In TIVO's Name"

I'm a big fan of technology that makes recommendations based on my personal tastes. Napster does it very well. It looks at my various play lists and then creates new play lists based on band that have a similar sound or who were influenced by bands in my play list. I love it! makes recommendations about what kind of books I might like based on the subjects of books I’ve purchased in the past. Now that they’ve finally figured out I’m not a gay man, it works pretty good as well.

Now, Tivo is supposed to look at the TVs and movies I watch, and make “suggestions” by recording shows they think I’ll like. Now, they used to be fairly OK suggestions, I’d find out about new SciFi shows for example…only recently my Tivo seems to have gone right wing on me!

Current daily suggestions are multiple recordings of programs from Fox News, and now its recording shows from the Praise the Lord Channel…WTF? Should I be worried?

woman-flowing-hair-flowing-water (38k image)

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on Thursday, April 20th, Julie said

check it out!

on Thursday, April 20th, Judy Vars said

How funny, but it's true, and yes you should be worried. Gotta run and enjoy the sunshine. Visit me sometime :O

on Thursday, April 20th, ann said

Netflix is also pretty good at making dvd recommendations, once you have rated enough movies. But I continually hear about TiVo making weird recommendations to people. Did you record some end-of-the-world show that happened to be religious? :)

By the way, I like the painting. It's gotten richer and deeper... more vibrant.

on Thursday, April 20th, Elise said

Hey Julie, thanks for the link, that exhibit kicks hiny ho!

And enjoy the sun while you can Judy, it's supposed to be a cold rainy weekend up your way!

And Ann, I did record the movie Constantine the other day, with keanu revees, that would be funny if that's why they think I'm religious now!

Oh, and thanks for your comments on the painting. I have a hard time with photographing the colors right, some of them the colors are much nicer in person.

on Thursday, April 20th, Holly said

Amazon doesn't know what to do with me between the Marilyn Manson stuff and the extremely esoteric religious stuff and Ballykissangel. They must think I'm very confused!

The painting looks fab. I meant to comment further down when you first posted it how much I like it.

on Thursday, April 20th, Elise said

Ballykissangel Rocks!!!

As for the painting, I'm realizing that monitors are all callibrated differently, so something that looks great on my home computer looks super dark, or the wrong color etc. from work.

Anyway, I'm glad that you like it.

Also, I told several people today about that class thanks, I think I'm starting to get a big head.

on Thursday, April 20th, Kasia said

I love the picture! This lady's hair is absolutely fantastic. I can *feel* the wind!

on Thursday, April 20th, Elise said

Thanks Kasia,
I thought I'd name it "Flowing" but I'm not sure if that's too cheesy or not. I always hate naming my pieces because I can never decide between purly descriptive (woman with wind in her hair) or more symbolic (existential mind flow)

on Thursday, April 20th, Jackie said

E: Love the painting! About TIVO - yes - you should be worried! verry worried! "Constantine' as a religious movie - LOL that's hilarious! Did you see the 'Exorcism of Emily Rose'?

on Thursday, April 20th, Howard said

Maybe Tivo is just very worried about your immortal soul :hehe:

on Thursday, April 20th, Elise said

I haven't seen it yet Jackie but it's on my list. Did you like it?

on Thursday, April 20th, Elise said

Oh hey Howard I missed ya there...I think TIVO must be in cahoots with my dad!

on Thursday, April 20th, ann said

I like the name 'Flowing' for your painting.

Hmm... Constantine might be it! :) I liked the movie, but right now I'm glad I don't have TiVo to worry about the state of my soul!

on Friday, April 21st, Elise said

Thanks Ann, I liked the movie too...that portrait I did a couple days ago was of the angel gabriel from that movie.

on Friday, April 21st, ann said

Hmm... no wonder I liked it!

on Friday, April 21st, Jackie said

E: Yeah - Exorcism of Emily Rose was ok - it was nowhere as edge-of-your seat that THe Exorcist was. But it was very convincing - and weird. It was supposedly based on the account written by an anthropoligist who's studied possession all over the world. It did give me the shivers to watch!

on Friday, April 21st, Elise said

I find demonic stuff to be creepier and more difficult to watch than zombie gore, that's for sure. I think it's because i read Amatyville Horror when I was at an impressionable age and it scared the shit out of me!