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06/04/2006: "On traveling alone"

Traveling alone is like living alone...on meth.

There is a hyper awareness (especially in Hawaii) of walking around, dining, etc. by oneself. I don't mind it exactly, in fact, aside from my constant battle against against the sun (my skin tends to sizzle) I'm having an amazing time. Yesterday I spent the entire day at the the Hapuna beach in Kohala. I got a cusioned mat, umbrella, mini cooler (for the beer) and boogie board. I love to play in the surf, there is nothing like the thrill of catching the perfect wave!

So, I only have 2 minutes left of Internet time make a long story short, as much as I love having the freedom to go anywhere and do anything I want whenever I want, I miss having someone to talk to. Last time I was in Kona was with Rick and I've been missing him especially. But, that is only a small shadow in my otherwise love fest Hawaiiian style.

Aloha for now (btw, Internet cafe right across street from where I'm staying!)

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on Sunday, June 4th, Ree said

So, so jealous...but I know what you mean. I have 4 little kids and always long to go on a trip alone...but once I get there, I start wanting to sniff them again. Sigh. Have a great, great time.

on Sunday, June 4th, holly said

OMG. Know what you mean. I have several times a day when I just want to talk to someone instead of trying to spit out rudimentary sentences and making hand gestures. I miss having a smart mouth (although I can smile and say "fuck you very much" and they have no idea what I'm saying). I also find that dining out by myself is somewhat depressing unless I bring something to do while I'm there. I hope you take lots of pictures! Pop over and see mine when you get a chance!

on Sunday, June 4th, Elise said

Hi Ree, 4 little kids! That must be a handful on trips but fun too, kids get so excited about everything.

And Holly, I was thinking of you after I wrote that actually, wondering if you were going through the same thing. At least here they speak english!!

My god, I'm such an internet junking, I'm paying 4 dollars to have 15 minutes on a computer with a keyboard the size of a deck of cards!

must go find food...

oh, I'll check out your photos when I get home and post some of my own though I quit forgetting to take them...I'm too relaxed here.

on Monday, June 5th, Kasia said

P.S. What is the specialty of Hawaian cuisine?

on Monday, June 5th, Elise said

moco loco,
hamburger patty over rice with gravy.

on Monday, June 5th, Jackie said

E: Glad you're managing to enjoy yourself!
Ewww..moco loco sounds disgusting. When I lived in HI, the specialty was saimin - kinda like fancy Top Ramen. There's so much fresh fruit: pineapples, mangoes, papayas, guavas..that I could live on fruit alone! Ooh - and at the fair, we always bought malasadas - a Portugeuse donut, made with potato flour. Yummy!

on Monday, June 5th, Judy Vars said

Have fun and paint something for us to see.

on Tuesday, June 6th, greg said

Have a good book to read? You're never alone with a good book ... or the kind thoughts of 2 dozen other vicarious-living blog addicts! :)

And don't forget the "other" Hawaiian delicacy: Spam!

(spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam ...) :laugh:

I liked the Mahi Mahi.

on Tuesday, June 6th, Elise said

People still eat all those other things (saimin, spam, malasadas etc.), I was just reminded of the moco locos because they are really cheap and I used to order one (with veggie burger) when I went to school here, and I still see them on the menu at local spots.

and yes greg, I brought along several books! Yesterday was nice because I spent the day with my former roommate. I'll actually make a post about that.