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07/11/2006: "Psych!"

OK, shortest "break" from blogging ever!

Sunday night I felt worse than I can remember in a looooong time. I had spent the whole weekend sleeping and moping about the house feeling deserted by everyone. It had rained the entire weekend and I had totally pigged out on junk food for days plus I hadn't been painting for almost 2 weeks. Things seemed pretty grim.

But then I got a nice message on my machine from my dad reminding me that everyone goes through the blues and if you just hang on when things are at their worst, you could wake up the next day and everything could be better. And that's exactly what, to anyone else out there who feels like they're hanging on by a toe nail...tomorrow could be better!

Yesterday, for example, I only had to work a half day and it was sunny outside (rare) so I went for a morning hike and took a bunch of gorgeous rainforest photos which inspired me to start painting again (which I have so stay tuned)...

devilsclub-leaves-light-shining-through (96k image)
Devil's Club plants can grow as tall as trees, this is a tall one with the light shining throught the leaves.

beautiful-purple-flower-wild-alaskan-rainforest (74k image)
I'm not sure what the name of this flower is...does anyone out there have an idea?

southeast-alaska-rainforest-plants (104k image)
These are ferns and more low lying Devil's Club

giant-skunk-cabbage-with-light-shining-from-behindjpg-elise-tomlinson (94k image)
These are the leaves of the yellow skunk cabbage flowers I paint sometimes.

wild-purple-lupin-flowers (135k image)
Here are some gorgeous wild lupine...

giant-skunk-cabbage-leaves (101k image)
These giant skunk cabbage leaves are taller than I am!

close-up-lupine (61k image)
Here's a close-up of one of the lupine flowers

more-devilsclub-leaves-with-light-shining-through (74k image)

Here is another pretty show of Devil's Club with light shining through from behind. I've used similar images in several paintings because Devil's Club is one of my favorite plants...though the leaves and stalk are covered with sharp spines.

Anyway, after work yesterday I asked Alicia whom I hadn't seen in months, to go sailing with me which was exactly what I needed...being on the water really centers me...speaking of which, the photo below is from my sail last week with Brian and Anne (thanks Brian!).

brian-and-anne-on-rozinante (171k image) was another sunny day and I totally felt my energy return plus I feel excited about my ideas for new paintings. Tonight I went sailing with one of my oldest friends Julie and then we went out for dinner and had a long talk. I told her how sad I've been feeling lately, and how it seemed that all my friends had simultaneously ditched me.

She reminded me that the great majority of time I want to be alone in my studio and that I never answer my phone or the door etc. so any perception I had of being blown off (at least from her) was unwarranted. I know what she said is true. Seems like when I'm working on a show that's all I want to do, but then I expect to turn around when I can't work and everyone will be waiting for me at the drop of a just doesn't work that way. I have to be giving and receiving of mirth.

Anyway, I guess I just wanted to say that I'm feeling so much better now. Thanks to everyone for all the nice things you wrote yesterday and for all of the advice. Rather than an edict that I'm stopping my blog, I'll probably keep posting this summer, but only when the mood that I'm painting again I'm hoping the mood will hit me *a lot*...
(OK, be honest, I seem a little crazy now right?)

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on Wednesday, July 12th, marja-leena said

You sound very normal, Elise! Glad to see you happy and painting again! Stay away from the junk food, okay - kills your brain cells (kidding, a little!)!

on Wednesday, July 12th, Stephanie said

and if painting is what it takes, then PAINT :)
so we'll expect more in your gallery than your blog for a while? that's ok with me - i love both!!!

on Wednesday, July 12th, Rod said

Jeebus woman!! I read your blog yesterday and find that you're in some crazy manic-depressive slump and that you're gonna quit your blog?? I just wanted to pound on your door and grab you off the couch and make you go for a hike in the woods! But then I see this entry, and I realize a phone call from your Dad seems to be the real antidote to your roller-coaster rides. Aren't parents great? It's like they're psychic sometimes and know exactly what you need to keep going.
BTW, I love the first photo of the Devils club. It's fantastic, it really looks like it's 15 feet tall! Can I eat it?
Oh yeah, I'm gonna call you tomorrow after you get off work. If you don't answer your phone, I won't let you send me anything cool ever.

on Wednesday, July 12th, Kasia said

We have this beautiful expression in Polish: "pozytywnie zakręcona" and that's what you are. :) It means *crazy* but in a very very positive, good way!

on Wednesday, July 12th, Kasia said

And of course I am soo happy there won't be any break. :) At home we are all addicted to your blog and Alaska (All- that is me and my boyfriend - though he doesn't read your blog, but often aksks:"How's Elise?" :)

on Wednesday, July 12th, Judy Vars said

Thats Monkshood a poisnous plant DO NOT EAT once used for killing wolves.

on Wednesday, July 12th,">willow said

Glad to hear you are feeling a bit better! Nothing like a phone call from Dad to cheer you up! I love the beautiful close-up picture of the lupines. They look so fresh.

on Wednesday, July 12th, Elise said

Hi Marja-leena!
I am laying off the junk food...I only eat it when I'm depressed...gee, I wonder which comes first, the chicken or the egg?

And Stephanie, yes, I hope to have lots of new pictures to show but I'm not going to stress out about it too much, just enjoy working and see where it goes so I'm not sure when I'll be ready to share...

And Rod, it would be so cool if you could just pop over and pull me off the couch, move back to Alaska already!!!

And Kasia, cool expression though I could never pronounce it...tell your boyfriend Elise says hello.
Oh, and Judy, thanks for letting me know about the Monkshood, how dramatic...I'm going to *have* to incorporate it into a painting soon.

Hi willow, you're right about how great it is to hear from dad! He also sent me a DVD of the movie Wind about sailing...I can't wait to watch it, Thanks dad!

on Wednesday, July 12th, Elise said

I forgot to mention Rod, that Devil's club was 15 feet, at least, I wasn't crouching underneath it or anything.

on Wednesday, July 12th, greg said

Very nice pics! I see some nice potential for creative endevors! I love the green of our PNW.

Thanks for being real. I hope you realize it just makes us all eager for more in the saga ;)

I might suggest you paint a very personal self-portrait - not meant to be seen by anyone. Just focus on yourself and your hopes and get out some Dorian Grey yah-yahs! Maybe do it on paper ... then burn it.

... or at least plan a weekend sailing/camping adventure with some friends. That sounds fun to me! :D

Good on Dads. I hope my kids find some value in me someday *snarf*

on Wednesday, July 12th, Elise said

Don't be silly Greg, of *course* you're kids value you right now!

on Thursday, July 13th, Jackie said

E: Your dad sounds very sweet! Thanks, DAD! Oh - more later onthis -but devil's club is medicinal.
And please don't eat the monkshood!

on Thursday, July 13th, Elise said

I never even pick wild flowers...let alone eat them! But thanks for the warning!!!

on Sunday, August 20th,">Zographia said

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