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08/28/2006: "Who Moved My Cheese?"

Well, something happened to my post from last night, it wasn't displaying right and then it went away altogether. I've started having all of these problems since I installed a new version of McAfee, (big mistake) which I had to uninstall and reinstall about 5 times plus used their "clean-up" tool and now several programs aren't working quite right. Like I can only have one window of IE open at a time, and I can't connect to my web server through Dreamweaver even though it's on my "full access" list.

I've tried troubleshooting each issue at a time but it's frustrating. One site says to uninstall all yahoo plugins, which I did and now I don't have my IM and the problem still isn't fixed. The last time I upgraded my McAfee the same thing happened and it took me forever to fix. I won't buy their products ever again. Their "saftey" is worse than any virus I've had.

Oh, so to recap my post from last night:
I went to see Snakes on a Plane with friends - AWESOME!
I worked on a commission, my boat, the dishes, panty, and my tracker.
I've had 4 hours of sleep and I get to deal with 160 freshmen this morning!

My favorite line from this weekend came from my 5 year old niece Micheala who told me about her first day of kindergarten "My friend Maggie can't eat cheese because it makes her pooop hard!" Ahhh, to be 5 again!

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on Monday, August 28th,">Jackie said

E: My partner had problems with Norton anti-virus on her laptop. When the software expired, we couldn't remove it from the computer to install a free software our tech services guy at work had recommended. Then, we couldn't run Publisher and some other programs - the antivirus thing kept popping up a warning that it had expired, and it wouldn't open our files! She even called their tech line, and they couldn't figure out why it was doing that. She finally had to purchase the upgrade of Norton, and run that rather than the freeware. Suck!

on Monday, August 28th, Jackie said worked on your 'panty'? LOL - I'm guessing that was a type-o! :blush:

on Monday, August 28th, Elise said

:blush: :blush: :blush:

on Tuesday, August 29th, RR said

yep, too much cheese'll do that to you! :confused:

on Tuesday, August 29th, Elise said

I loves da cheese though!