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09/11/2006: "Every Girls' Dream"

Over the weekend I was looking at properties where Iím moving and found a few that come with fenced pasture land! Now, the first thing that came to my mind was OMG I COULD BUY A HORSE!

Now, I know that the cost of buying a horse is only a fraction of the cost of owning a horse (the same goes for sailboats) so I could only afford one or the other...but I grew up in Nebraska where my best friend Micheala had a ranch; sometimes she'd take me riding and those are some of my best memories ever!

Now, granted, horse ownership may not be a very smart move for me right now. Not considering taking on a stressful new job and still making time for art. There is a lot of work involved in their care, every single day and I would have to hire someone if I planned to travel (one of the main reasons I considered moving was the cheaper airfare).

Also, I know that I have a tendency of being impulsive but it seems like my instincts are good. I canít remember a time that Iíve jumped into something that didnít end up being an exciting new experience.

Anyway, itís just an idea. I could also lease a horse, which would be less of a commitment. I donít know for a fact, but at this time Iím still pretty sure Iíll want to move back to Juneau eventually and a horse would make thatÖproblematic. I probably will just start out by taking riding lessons and make sure itís something I really have the time, energy, and $ for, before really diving in. Still, itís fun to dreamÖ

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on Tuesday, September 12th, willow said

What's that song Lyle Lovett sings?...

If I had a boat
I'd go out on the ocean
And if I had a pony
I'd ride him on my boat
And we could all together
Go out on the ocean
Me upon my pony on my boat

(By the way, this is one of my favorite songs!)

on Tuesday, September 12th, Elise said

That's so funny Willow! I've never heard that song, I'll look it up in Napster though, but that would be my total fantasy!

on Tuesday, September 12th, berry bowman connell said

I got an idea fer ya....
Get a really nice property with no home on it....
all grassed and empty would not only be
but also a whole lot of free room fer the pony....

And, move yer boat to there.


on Tuesday, September 12th, Judy Vars said

Hi Elise,
funny, I wrote my blog about dreaming and then checked on you and you're dreaming also.......The boat on the ocean with a pony and you on top would make a wonderful image. You're fun and can definitely do whatever you want
best wishes.

on Tuesday, September 12th, Elise said

What got me thinking of all this in the first place is that there was a little country house on the outskirts of town that came with a grassy, empty pasture that was already fenced. Plenty of acres for a horse to run about in.


And, I could trailor a boat there, but I'm one of those sailors where it would be way too much work to raise the mast and all that everytime just to go out for a sail for a couple hours. If I can't keep a boat in the water I probably won't keep one.

And Judy, you and I seem to be in sync a lot! That image does sound cute doesn't it...and maybe in my hand is a paintbrush?

on Wednesday, September 13th,">Mike Bryant said

Greetings Elise,

Welcome to Centralia, Washington. I work for Centralia College and live 11 miles south of the College.
We do not own a horse, but have many neighbors that do. Smaller riding arena's are very popular, since we have so many damp, drizzly days.
Anita Honaker, Computer Services, is dearly attached to her horses,">
as are several others on campus. There is property available, but prices are skyrocketing as California moves up. There are also places to rent horses.

Your website, artistic talent and willingness to be open about so many parts of your life is amazing.

Looking forward to meeting you.

Mike :)

on Wednesday, September 13th, Elise said

Hi Mike,
Thanks for the information! It's great to hear from a fellow Centralian who works for the college (what department do you work for?).

Everyone that I've met from there so far seems really friendly; I don't think I'll have trouble making friends, which is a real relief.

Anyway, I'm glad that you like my art and site (or are you just "amazed" that I am so forthcoming?)
Either way, I look forward to meeting you too.

on Saturday, September 16th, Sam said

i still vote that you don't leave juneau. you can ride horses here too you know.