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10/30/2006: "Changing the World One Nude at a Time!"

Tonight I got an email from a close friend that he will be leaving Alaska soon to work for Air Serv International, an airline that “uses aircraft to fly relief workers and supplies to help the victims of some of the most desperate situations in the world.” They fly “where other air carriers cannot – or will not – fly.”

He’s going to be based in the eastern Congo, on the border with Rwanda!

Now, this affects me on many levels: concern for his safety, sadness at his leaving Alaska, and finally, I feel so strangely that someone I know, a regular guy, is giving up a well paying job flying passenger jets to risk his life helping others.

It’s something I have always wanted to do (not the flying or risking life necessarily) but doing something beyond the occasional volunteer work…to help others…and the older I get the less likely that possibility becomes. I have a very safe and comfortable life. It is made more enjoyable to the degree that I can block out all the horrors going on throughout the world.

Aaron puts me to shame as well...he expends *so* much time, passion, and energy into making a difference. Right now I just feel kindof...small. Anyone who's read this blog for while knows this isn't new for me. I continually feel like I'm not doing enough, and yet...I continually do nothing about it. And I'd be lying if I said I have any plans in the near future to change. After all, tomorrow night is my life drawing class!

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on Wednesday, November 1st, subi said

aaron? is that someone else, or the code name of a... anyway, this is crazy news! maybe he'll be flying angelina in to get her next orphan :P no really, this stuff makes novels... i feel pretty lame myself... tho, the cambridge thing was a shot in the arm, now, well, i'm back and feeling depressed :( miss you. and yeah, i do look different, old! those pics are scary, i might take em down and type, boo!

on Wednesday, November 1st, Elise said

You don't look old! Don't take them down, you just look sophisticated with that hair.

And now that the Cambridge thing is over, just set up another goal for yourself...

And yes, it is crazy news about Alex. Oh, and Aaron is someone else, not a code name!