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10/31/2006: "A small good thing..."

I wasn't able to go to my life drawing session tonight because I forgot that it was the local women's shelter's halloween party and I'd volunteered to do face painting. I thank Kira, who solely from reading my blog, decided to send me (a total stranger) an entire face painting kit for free. This included brushes, a book, mirror, the paints, glitter, the whole nine yards. I feel a certain amount of responsibility based on her generosity.

The event tonight was really fun because unlike the last one (where I was mostly doing cheek painting because of the jinormous lines) I was able to paint their entire faces. It's much easier to paint the entire face, and it looks better. Also, I think the kids get more excited by it. I'm getting faster at it too, I think, and I'm getting better at relaxing the children and getting them to sit still.

I think I painted almost every face in the room, adults and children a like! Even though I'm really exhausted and I feel disappointed that I missed my life-drawing session (and wasn't home to pass out candy to trick-or-treaters) it was the perfect thing to do tonight.

Maybe I'm not off flying planes into war torn drop off zones, but I am adding some small drop of positive joo joo back into the universe. I have to just quit comparing myself to everyone else. But I think everyone does that...right?

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on Wednesday, November 1st, subi said

missing out on life drawing to actually be drawing on some tattered souls faces is something wonderful to add to many lives! and that is really amazing that someone donated a kit! props to her! i am suprised how much Halloween is growing over here! i felt like i was in the states (a bit) where are your heidi ho pics? Stella was pippi, i was a phrenologic freak...check me blog--

on Wednesday, November 1st, Elise said

I agree Subi,
you know, I checked out your site and I love the face painting but damn, I barely recognize you! Your face looks so different to me...but you look beautiful as always, just different.

I really do need to come see you, could you email me your address in Switzerland?

Also, did you see what I wrote in the previous post about Alex?

Oh, and I love that painting that Stella did...and all you collage pieces with poems etc. look fantastic!


on Wednesday, November 1st, willow said

Hi Elise! What's a few life drawing sketches compared to the impact you made with all your "works of art" last night!

And as far as comparing ourselves to everyone else, I often compare myself to Gisele Bundchen (Victoria Secret supermodel) and I think I look ten times more beautiful than her in the diamond encrusted bra and angel wings!

And did I mention I'm delusional? :hehe:

on Wednesday, November 1st, Elise said

Hi Willow! Well as long as you compare yourself favorably I guess there's nothing wrong with that!

As for my little works of art last night, it's *very* cool to see a child's expression when you give them the mirror. Their entire faces light up, and then they run around the room showing their friends.

I know I didn't do a "professional" face painting job, but it was passable and the kids enjoyed it and that's what really matters.

on Wednesday, November 1st, Elise said

btw, I'm home sick today
but trying to get a little work done grading papers before I go back to bed.

on Wednesday, November 1st, willow said

Ugh! Sorry you're not feeling well. There are 2 people out sick from my office today. At least they are home and not spreading their "sick" germs around to everyone else!

Hope you start feeling better soon! :D