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11/21/2006: "Poking Under Rocks with Sticks, and other holiday classics!"

Today is my last day at work before the Thanksgiving holiday (5 days off). When I return next week, I'm going to be the "Acting Director" while my boss is away for a month. Don't worry I won't let the power go to my head!

And speaking of power, three months ago, almost to the day, is when I accepted the Associate Dean position in Centralia Washington. If I had followed through with my original intentions, I’d be leaving on the ferry this weekend.

The experience of almost leaving has had a profound affect on me; I’m still in the process of re-evaluating everything. I think sometimes we get so used to telling ourselves what we want (or *don’t* want), that our imagined desires no longer reflect the realities of our lives.

Even though it can be unpleasant, it’s good to really take stock once in awhile…you never know what you’ll discover. I think the important thing is to remain flexible and try to keep an open mind. I'm curious how many of you out there have ever had a change of heart over something huge before...and did you ever regret it?

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on Tuesday, November 21st, Daniel North said

I find something new to regret each morning... it's like breakfast cereal for me.

But I also find something new to enjoy as well, so everything works out.

on Tuesday, November 21st, Elise said

Regret: the breakfast of champions!

on Tuesday, November 21st, dad said

champs to chumps Whoknows? :confused:

on Tuesday, November 21st, Elise said

Hey pops! Who is coming home for Thanksgiving this year?

on Tuesday, November 21st, Brian said

I have no regrets. The way that I look at my life, if I were to change anything about my past, choosing the opposite of a path I have taken, I would be a different person today. And I like how I've turned out, so I'll take all of the good and the bad that I've experienced over any "what if" scenario.

on Tuesday, November 21st, Rebekah said

I'l take the good with the bad too, just would less of it ... :D

on Tuesday, November 21st, dad said

Traci & her family :doze:

on Wednesday, November 22nd, Kasia said

I had a chance either to go to work after university or to take a PhD classes. I wanted to go to school because there was this point when I was so tired of reading books and learning. Now i am wondering - what if...? I sometimes regret this decision. It is not impossible now to get back to PhD, but you know...I could have had it by now.

on Wednesday, November 22nd, Judy Vars said

Yes I regret truning right when I should have gone straight but the climb out again was needed to make me stronger. For Thanksgiving, I recommend 3 cups of gratitude and just a pinch of regret.
I commend you for not being so comitted to your decision that you could listen to your heart and stay. Enjoy your Thanksgiving. Check with me in a week or so I plan to post some art when its finished.

on Wednesday, November 22nd, Elise said

I agree with you Brian (and Rebekah), that if we skipped over the bad stuff, or the wrong choices etc...we'd be somewhere else, different people, and if you're happy with who you are then who'd want that?

And dad, it's too bad Dee dee and Jase can't make it back but she's having surgery right?

And hi Kasia! It's *never* too late to go back to school...just remember that!

Judy, thanks for letting me know to check for some new work, I'm looking forward to it!

on Thursday, November 23rd, diane said

Im having surgery
dec. 1 :(

I thought Id have it this fri...after thanksgiving, but the surgeon is leaving town AGAIN. Does the smoke and mirrors have to do with a certain someone ive noticed you have not talked about in awhile? :cry:

on Saturday, November 25th, berry bowman connell said

As it turns out, I'm in the middle of trying t'figure out something big right now.

Really don't know how to deal with it.

Less about moving than being with or without someone, though.


So much thinking involved with this one....

on Saturday, November 25th, Elise said

Hi Diane, good luck with your surgery, you'll be really happy that you had it.

As for the other thing...hmmm wouldn't you like to know!

And Hi Berry!
Deciding to be or not to be with someone is HUGE, you have my sympathy...I'm sure you'll make the right decision though.

on Monday, November 27th, holly said

I swear, I keep reading your new position as "Acting Dictator".

Wait...that's me...

on Tuesday, November 28th, Elise said

I love it! Acting Dictator!