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11/28/2006: "I'm still here..."

After receiving *several* emails chiding me for not updating this more, I’ve been guilted into writing.

The thing is, I haven’t been doing a lot of new art work lately; I do have some drawings from last week’s life model that I could post, but other than that I’ve been preoccupied with a personal matter…a classic story really:

Boy meets girl, girl dumps boy (under false pretenses), girl begs boy to take her back, boy refuses, then boy and girl are miserable until boy finally relents and takes girl back.

So, that about catches us up I think. And for those of you who haven’t guessed, boy = aaron. I don’t want to write about him too much as he’s more private than I am. I will say that I'm in unfamiliar territory and it's taking awhile to find my stride; I know I'll find it though.

In other news, I've been up to lots of fun stuff in general. Brian, Aaron and I went and saw Jesus Camp, which was excellent except that it sent me into several flash backs to my own Catholic/evangelical childhood (you heard that right)!

Rob came over Sunday at 6:45am to watch the Manchester United v Chelsea game. That was fun (early but fun). Ended in a tie but had some exciting bits and I'm learning more about how soccer is played.

Sunday afternoon Aaron cleaned my kitchen (not a euphemism). It's spotless now and I've vowed to keep it that way hence forth! With my clean empty sinks my next attempt is to clean 5 1/2 years worth of dirty oil paint brushes.

Oh, and Thanksgiving was great too. I went to Maren's for brandy ice, and to another friend's house for the Big Meal (also very nice)...btw, Maren and I went for another absolutely gorgeous nighttime ski. She thought my description of our first moonlit ski was “too romantic” though so, for the record, she and I are *not* lovers.


We do plan to go again Thursday night, as there are rumors that the rain is going to return this weekend. It has been cold here, but clear and snow covered and beautiful. I prefer that to warm and rainy any day.

Anyway, I'm off now to go have dinner at Aaron's (yes he's cooking for me too) did I get so lucky?

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on Tuesday, November 28th, Rod said

Yay! Take that $10.00 and buy some nice beer. (Or you could use it for postage ;))

on Tuesday, November 28th, marja-leena said

So that explains the long silence. And I thought it was the job. :P
I'm so happy for you, Elise.

on Wednesday, November 29th, subi said

so, has ms. e. taken a lover then? :O

on Wednesday, November 29th, Elise said

Hi Rod, yes...I will use it for postage! (I promise!)

And thanks Marja-leena. Actually, the job has calmed down a bit but I'm still off my game. I need to get back into my good work ethic again.

And Subi, You've known me for a looooooooooooooong time, you must be in shock! (am I right?)

on Wednesday, November 29th, Brian said

I wish someone would clean my kitchen (definitely a euphemism).

on Wednesday, November 29th, Elise said


Sorry, I can't be of any help with that one!

on Wednesday, November 29th, Jackie said

E: Yippee! I'm very happy for you Elise - albeit disappointed to keep coming to an empty blog...well, not empty - just not updated much lately! I'm glad it's for good reasons - happy ones, that is. Hmmm...a kitchen-cleaner, eh? You better keep him! Do you have pictures?

on Wednesday, November 29th, dad said

you see not doing you kitchen work growing up is starting to haunt you lol

on Wednesday, November 29th, subi said

it's all going to be in the book titled, "How almost leaving Alaska changed her" :)

we need to talk!

on Wednesday, November 29th, Elise said

Hi Jackie! I'm going to try and get back to updating this thing regularly...but first I have to get back to creating art work regularly. I just haven't been working and it's the only thing that continues to bum me out. Oh, and I probably won't post any pictures, though I swear he isn't imaginary! Maybe one day he'll let me paint or draw him but so far, no luck.

And dad...having to do the kitchen work growing up is why I loath it so much now!
And hi again Subi, we do need to talk, I miss you...I still want to hear about the reading you gave at Cambridge. And yes, almost leaving Alaska did wonders for me! Now if you would only move back...

on Wednesday, November 29th, Rod said

I definitely want pictures...of the clean kitchen!! I recall only a few months ago when I was your houseguest making an offhand remark that I would do your dishes, which you pounced upon like a starved vampire and tried to blackmail me with at every turn! Kudos to Aaron for doing your dirty work. (Though I woulda' done them if I was staying another day.) :P

on Thursday, November 30th, Kasia said

Hey! This must be a MAN if is able to have a woman like you!! I am so happy for you! good luck and all the best!

on Thursday, November 30th, Elise said

I should photograph my kitchen, as proof that it was once very clean. Of course, I am trying to keep it that way, working on a better system for not having things pile for your bogus promise to do my dishes, well, I *was* disappointed but I got over it eventually...

And thanks Kasia, btw, you're right, he's a real Alaskan MAN!

on Thursday, November 30th, subi said

forget the kitchen, we want some pics of the AK mountain man! :D

on Thursday, November 30th, Elise said

OK, we need to move on to other topics now...

on Thursday, November 30th, Jackie said

E: Actually, I was suggesting pictures of the clean kitchen - though we're all curious to see what Aaron looks like too! :hehe:

on Friday, December 1st, Elise said

that's funny Jackie!

I *should* take photos of my kitchen to document its rare state of sparklingness.