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02/20/2007: "You Shouldn't Have (but I'm so happy that you did)"

Here is a photo of me holding the beautiful bouquet of roses that Aaron had sent to me at the library for Valentines Day. A long time back when he was planning his trip he let me know he'd be gone on Valentines Day and would that be a problem. I said no, that the only thing Valentines Day was good for was getting something big delivered to you at work so your co-workers would be jealous. (I was only partly joking).

Well, he took me out to a fancy restaurant the Saturday before to celebrate (I almost said "our VD" but that doesn't sound quite right!) I had forgotten all about that comment but sure enough, he had this huge bouquet sent to me at work which was a complete surprise. People were coming into my office all day commenting on how gorgeous they were. I *never* get flowers delivered to me so this was a pretty big deal and had me smiling (all week) actually. I finally took them home over the weekend but they still look amazing.

roses (380k image)

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on Wednesday, February 21st, Rod said

Is that really you holding the flowers?

on Wednesday, February 21st, Elise said

Yes, why do you ask? Are you making fun of the fact I cut my face off? You know I don't like having my picture taken.

on Wednesday, February 21st,">Rob Roys said

You can hang the roses (upside down) and dry them. I used to work in a flower shop where we sold as many dried roses as fresh roses. If you think to use them in art, remember the color is not permanent. They eventually end up a dingy gray/brown. However, keeping dried roses around may have him thinking that he does not need to get you flowers again anytime soon. Which reminds me Id better get the little lady something.

I think the cropping of the pic is fine. You can see your "I got flowers at work" grin!

I prefer gladiolas to roses. And nothing beats the scent of a handful of freesia! I note that he avoided what I consider the doom of many rose bouquets: baby's breath. I cannot remember the name of that purple flower, but they were an excellent choice. Maybe the local flower shop is finally getting some creativity in there assembling of VD roses-or did the BF pick them?

on Wednesday, February 21st, Elise said

thanks for the tips Rob! I considered drying them but the truth is, I've never liked dried flowers. I think I had allergies to them growing up, plus they get dusty etc. I'm just going to enjoy them until they are good and dead.
I agree that the little purple flowers looked great with the roses...I'm not sure who piced them out.

Oh, and I was sorry to miss drawing last night. I stopped into Fred's to pick up a few things and before I knew it, it was 10 minutes to 7 and I know how you feel about The Tardy.

on Wednesday, February 21st,">Stacy said

(hahaha on VD! sounds like you had a good one though) I feel compelled to tell you that Jeremy and I are no longer together... and that I'd very much like to start getting back into my artwork. I was going to ask if you attended last nights class... (and i see that you didn't) Will you be going next week?

on Wednesday, February 21st, Elise said


When did THAT happen? I felt so bad because I lost that piece of paper where I wrote down your email but I will send it to him now.

It's every Tuesday night at the Ruby room from 7-9 and costs 10 bucks.

I'm sorry to hear about you and Jeremy (he's a great guy) but I'm *so* relieved that you are getting back into your art. You are *far* too gifited to quit...that would have been such a tradgedy. If you want any of your art stuff back (like your easle) just let me know!!!
PS. I'm sending Rob your email as we speak!

on Wednesday, February 21st, Stacy said

No no no, I don't want my stuff back! I'm just going to take it slow. Relax about it at first (and then stress out about it later :) ). Somehow, Rob has my hotmail address, so I've been getting all the notices still. They've been collecting in my spam all this time... Jeremy is a great guy, but I haven't been single since I was 14. Can you believe it? It's hard, but we both know it's for the best...

on Thursday, February 22nd, Todd said


Lucky Girl - or is it a lucky guy?

on Thursday, February 22nd, Elise said

Hey Stacy, well, take it slow then but if you change your mind...

And Hi Todd!
I would say that both of us got pretty lucky!



on Saturday, February 24th, subi said

he is so kept! (or at least he should be! ;) by you of course!!!! i'm so happy for you, those are beauts!

on Wednesday, February 28th, Kasia said

So jealous about the roses!!! :) My husband-to-be gave me...a bottle of beer. That ain't romantic at all!!!Maybe I'll just change my mind! :laugh: