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03/19/2007: "Holding an art opening at home"

So, I had high expectations for Spring Break but ended up getting really sick on the first day of break and stayed that way through this past Saturday. I�m still feeling a bit oogy as a matter of fact. All those good intentions (painting, creating a budget, finishing up my various commitments to people, working on the house etc.) none of it happened. Plus, I haven�t been to the gym in ages.

Aaron and I did get new snow shoes though and we�ve been out several times (before and after I got sick) which was incredibly fun. I had no idea how fun snowshoeing would be. We went off trail (along the Treadwell Ditch) and the big pivoting cleats on our shoes allowed us to climb up and down steep embankments of snow following porcupine and rabbit tracks.

And speaking of snow� currently, we�re 1.9 inches from breaking the all time high record for snowfall set in the winter of 64/65 (194.3 inches). We could break the record in the next day or two and it�s very exciting. Some people are bitching about the constant snow but I totally love it.

In more art related news, I had another inquiry from a collector wanting to buy two more of my paintings (awesome) and I got a note from author Michael Modzelewski asking me to illustrate his new novella titled �North through Paradise�. I�m a little hesitant, as the illustrations would have to be black and white, and I�m so used to thinking and designing with color, but I�m excited to give it a try. I have to finish up Cathy Connor�s book cover first�and The Commission (which is soooo soooo very close to being finished). Ack.

Recently I�ve given up the opportunity for doing several commissions because I want to just concentrate on doing stuff purely for me, but I haven�t been doing that either so what the hell, right?

On a sadder note, the Two Crow Studio and Gallery is closing its doors at the end of this month. Two Crow was owned by Rob Roys and Pagan Hill and was one of the best locations in Juneau for seeing non commercial work. They just weren�t able to make a financial go of it, unfortunately. Their efforts were incredibly noble however. I was going to have another show there in November, but that is no longer to be.

I�ve decided that my next show will be an invite only affair held at my home. Why not? Most of my sales are from people on my mailing list anyway. It will be less stressful too. Has anyone else out there had any experiences (good or bad) with having an art exhibit in your home? If so, please let me know how it went.

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on Thursday, March 22nd, Judy Vars said

Hi Elise,
A nice friend of mine offered to have a show for me in her home. It turned out real nice people came and I sold some art. So I'll call it a success. I sent a card to people on my mailing list, advertized,Karen told all her friends and we put up signs and balloons. There wern't crowds of people but there was enough. It was interesting to hand the art on walls in a home where people live just to show off how it could look in your house. I think a invitation only affair is great idea and really thinking outside the box.
Have fun! :D

on Saturday, March 24th, berry bowman connell said

Actually, the April Show is held at David Hittle's house, and while he thought it was OK fer the first few years, it has gotten to be a generously LARGE crowd year after year.

on Monday, March 26th, Elise said

Thanks for the suggestions guys!