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03/30/2007: "Artists on the Web"

Well, tomorrow morning I'm giving a 3 hour presentation at our city museum titled "Artists on the Web" and I'll be covering topics like how to photograph your work with digital camera, image optimization, color correction etc. as well as getting a website, starting a blog, registering your site, taking online payments, all that good stuff.

I'm not *as* prepared as I'd like to be, I'll probably be up late tonight working on it, but I think I have plenty of information to share. If any of you have any cool sites or suggestions you'd like to make (related topics to cover, sites you use regularly, etc.) related to having an online presence as an artist I'd love to hear them. Short notice I know but...

Anyway, tonight I have two older paintings in a farewell exhibit at the Two Crow Gallery. It's sad that this wonderful space is closing. I went and hung out with the soon to be former owner of the gallery last night while he hung the show. It was sad...did I mention that already???

The show looked great though, it's a group show of former and future exhibitors from the gallery and I plan to go to the opening tonight although I still have a lot of prep work to do for the museum thing tomorrow. I feel a little bit like a faker since I haven't been too active with my own art marketing (or art production) lately, but I still know a lot about the online environment that artists just starting to go online might not be aware of yet.

Wish me luck!
(small panic attack ensues)
btw, it's a beautiful sunny day here in Juneau Alaska, maybe I'll take some photos later!

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on Sunday, April 1st, The Me Nobody Knows said

I think the internet is one ofthe most valuable tool an artist has ever had in their creative arsenal. And Its great that you are educating the masses of its power.

imagine. create. explore. nobody did it. TMNK

on Monday, April 2nd, Elise said

Thanks Nobody! The workshop actually went really well, even though it happened on a rare sunny weekend day here in Juneau. I think everyone that came learned something new. That was a relief.

on Monday, April 2nd, greg said

Good work!! nice to hear it all went well. Sorry to hear about your friend's gallery - that's a real bummer. Its like you gotta be an expert entrepreneur to operate one.

Ever get all the way through Paul Dorrells book? I did *almost* ;)

on Wednesday, April 4th, Jackie said

E: cool! I'm sure you'll make time to start working on your art again soon. Bummer about the gallery closing:(

This is totally unrelated - tho it is related to art: on my Yahoo home page, there is an article about an artist in LA who is selling his paintings on tortillas for $1600. Ugh. And his show is drawing record crowds...go figure!

on Thursday, April 5th, willow said

Paintings on tortillas? Now this I've got to see! :O

on Thursday, April 5th, Elise said

Hi greg, I haven't made it all the way through but I still like it a lot and I'm still working on it. It takes me forever to make it all the way through a book if it's nonfiction.

And Jackie, that tortilla art really isn't my cup of tea. I see where the guy is coming from but it just seems like a gimmick. To each their own I guess, maybe it's just sour grapes!

And hi Willow...if you do a search in google for tortilla art his site will come right up. check it out and let me know what you think.

on Thursday, April 5th, willow said

I had a look at that tortilla art. Ok, i think it's an interesting idea, but to me it seems a bit farfetched. I can't imagine hanging a tortilla on my wall!

I am going home now to gesso that crusty old boulle(sp?) of sourdough bread....stay tuned!

on Thursday, April 5th, Judy Vars said

Hi Elise,
If you have the time would you mind giving me your opinion or critique on the paintings I have on my blog. I am fast approaching a deadline to enter one or both of them in a R&F Encaustic paint contest.

I could sure use the things you are discussing in your presentation...Like how to take online payments
Thank you! Thank You!:D :D

on Friday, April 6th, Rob Roys said

the tortilla art...ugh

can you say gimmick? they are the same old portraits one sees everywhere in Mexico, BUT ON A TORTILLA.

big whoop. (green envy tortilla i eat)

on Friday, April 6th, Elise said

It would have been great if you could have made it to the workshop Judy...I'll stop by your blog and check out your new work after I get off tonight.

And Rob, I agree about the tortilla art. Are you feeling sad having your first First Friday without an opening?
Sad Panda

on Friday, April 6th, Rob Roys said

i just updated my blog with how i feel.

check it out...

on Friday, April 6th, Elise said

Great post Rob, sorry you're feeling so bummed, I feel bummed too. And who commented on your site "too bad art doesn't make sense"...were they joking?

on Friday, April 6th,">rob roys said

i think they were joking and telling the truth.

does art ever make sense?

on Monday, April 9th, greg said

It would be nice if art would make enough "cents" ... *jaded sniggle* :P

on Monday, April 9th, Elise said

I see Rob, just didn't know how to take that...and yes greg, more cents would be good. I figured out my hourly wage for my last commission and it turned out to be cents on the hour.


on Monday, April 9th, Elise said

somebody grab me a tortilla...STAT!