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05/31/2007: "Awww!"

So, I'm sorry I haven't been writing much. "The Move" and related garage sale has proven to be *a lot* more work than I initially envisioned. We've been working round the clock to get Aaron moved in and not much else has been getting done.

This photo is a fun one that he took of me on "Cleaning Out My Dirty Art Cubbies Day". The wig, glasses, and Martigras beads were only a few of the interesting things we discovered as we plowed through years of mystery containers in my art storage shelves. They're *so* organized now. When I do actually start working, I think finding things will be a lot easier.

wild-elise3 (34k image)

Gustavus was wonderful but I forgot my camera. We both overslept and arrived at the airport just in time. It's so much easier to fly on bush planes than commercial airlines; they let me keep my cup of coffee AND a pitch fork we were taking to his family. We stayed in an adorable A-frame cabin with a wood burning stove and a loft. Spent the weekend working in the garden, took a nice long walk through the woods that ajoined their property and napped in a clearing near the river. We also flew his new kite down at the beach, and made rootbeer floats! Overall it was a restful, relaxing weekend; I really love spending time with his family too.

But back to Juneau since then it's been all work and no play. We have managed to get out sailing only once so far this summer. I've had to turn down the commission to illustrated North Through Paradise because I just don't have the time...I haven't even started working on my Sept. show yet. Part of this move has envolved moving my studio area from upstairs to the ground floor, a room with a door so I can be alone to paint, which I've discovered is a requirement for me. Yesterday I was commissioned to do a CD cover for an Anchorage band...I hope it works out.

Anyway, below are two photos of my adorable cat Osiris and my even more adorable boyfriend Aaron (see, I didn't make him up!) They are gettin along really well and he doesn't seem to be having the alergic reactions to the cats that was bothering him earlier.

osiris-aaron (90k image)

osiris-aaron2 (102k image)

Replies: 14 Comments

on Thursday, May 31st, dad said

Go ,With the wig . Cindy Who? :confused:

on Thursday, May 31st, Kasia said

Great wig! I love it!
After such s huge reorganization don't you feel like your mind is clearer? I always feel like that after cleaning. Like someone took the dust from my mind.
Say hello to Aaron :)

on Thursday, May 31st, Elise said

Hi dad! Yes, think I'll keep the wig.
And I'm the same way Kasia, getting rid of excess things and getting better organized always makes me feel more productive and clear headed.

Now if I can just get painting!

on Friday, June 1st, subi said

3 adorable housemates, i say, mate!

on Friday, June 1st, Elise said

Hi Subi!
Actually, it's 4 adorable housemates (Lemoni isn't pictured). And do you mean mate as in, procreate?


How are your little ones doing?

on Saturday, June 2nd, subi said

hahaha! no I meant mate, ol matey!

on Monday, June 4th, Kasia said

I have just one stupid question: What are "bush planes"?

on Tuesday, June 5th, Elise said

That's not a stupid question Kasia. "The Bush" is what people here call most remote areas of Alaska that don't have any road access.

One of the few ways to get to these small villages etc. is by little planes that can land on small landing strips. The planes all have different makes and models but in general they're referred to as "bush" planes...and the people who fly them are "bush pilots"...

Hope that makes sense.

on Tuesday, June 12th, RR said

Love the wig!!! Hi, sorry I didn't get back to you. You should be able to visit my flickr here

on Tuesday, June 12th, RR said

Sorry think something went wonky! Should be able to visit my flickr site by the link above - please do drop in. The job didn't go well - I resigned after four months. I was unemployed while I took stock, it has all been very strange. I'm temping at the moment to bring in some money but looking for something part-time permanent. And yes, I do miss the blog. Maybe after I've found a new job I'll take it up again. Haven't been doing much art but passed the recent assessments. Two more in August. Life seems to be all go for you, you sound really happy which is great. Keep doing what your doing - and get painting!!!! :P

on Wednesday, June 13th, Elise said

Hi RR, great to hear from you. I'll check out your flickr account, I love your photos!

Sorry the job didn't work out, hopefully there's an even better one out there with your name on it!

on Thursday, June 14th, Daniel North said

Glad things are going so well for you, but your loyal readers miss the painting and regular blogging... there I did it, that was my motivational speech.

on Thursday, June 14th, Elise said

thanks for the motivational kick in the butt Daniel!

on Monday, June 18th, RR said

Thanks Elise. Re the blogging, I've just opened up a facebook page, sent you an email (my real name so you may not recognise me) please do join me, I look really sad with no pals. Promise I'll try to keep writing on it. :)