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06/18/2007: "Loooong Alaskan Summer Nights"

Sat. was sunny and gorgeous again; Aaron and I sailed along the Thane shoreline to scope out good camp sites. We found a great one near a waterfall so went back home, loaded up our gear, and then found the spot from the road and hiked down to the beach. What a gorgeous spot!

Aaron built a nice fire and we ended up roasting smores and aaron made a beach salad from strange plants I'd never even noticed before like "Gooses Tongue" and "beach greens" was yummy. It stayed light out until nearly 11 and never got that dark all night.

camping-thane-beach-aaron-building-fire (76k image)

He had checked the tide chart and realized there would be an 18 foot high tide that night so I pitched our tent as high up on the beach as possible. Even so, the water came up to within a couple feet of our tent and washed away our camp fire. It was really wild to look out side the tent and see waves lapping up almost to the door. The white arrow in the next photo shows the tide line from the following morning!

camping-thane-beach-elise-tide-line (94k image)

My favorite part of the camping trip was the next morning when Aaron got up early and made coffee. There is nothing like waking up all chilly in a tent to a nice piping hot cup of coffee with cream and sugar!

camping-thane-beach-aaron-making-coffee (82k image)

I went back to sleep after the coffee and Aaron did some more fishing. He also snuck out with the digital camera and surprised me by taking a bunch of really cool photos of seaweed and little beach stones and shells etc. which I am hoping to incorporate into some of my new paintings.

camping-thane-beach-barnacles (74k image)

camping-thane-beach-seaweed (104k image)

camping-thane-beach-waterfall (118k image)

camping-thane-beach-seaweed2 (95k image)

Replies: 5 Comments

on Tuesday, June 19th, Daniel North said

Fantastic images!

on Tuesday, June 19th, Kasia said

Looks like a nice camp! I love camping too, but I hate wet tents and water in my clothes. ;) What are these red weird things in the photo? Some plants?

on Tuesday, June 19th, Elise said

Hi Daniel, thanks! And thanks for snapping me out of my lull!

And Kasia, I don't like getting wet either but in Southeast Alaska there is a high probability that you will get at least a little wet. We had great weather for this trip and also, we didn't do a long hike to our camp spot so it was more equivalent to "car camping"...

The red stuff is a form of seaweed. Aaron's mom makes salsa out of it!

on Tuesday, June 19th, dad said

looks like you got out there be fore the Mosqutoes hatched out 4 the summer :blush: :crazy:

on Tuesday, June 19th, Elise said

Hey dad, the mosquitoes here aren't nearly as horrible as those in South Central Alaska...also, being near the water and the ocean breezes helps as well.