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07/18/2007: "Not much going on so..."

Here's another pretty sunset photo from the other night. We had a bon fire on Sandy Beach and this shot was taken on the walk back. That's Mayflower Island and to the left of it is the Douglas Harbor where Aaron and I keep our sailboats.

It's been really foggy lately, which I rather like though some sunshine would be nice too. This morning I woke up to the sound of fog horns in the channel. It's one of my favorite sounds.

fog-bank-sunset-southeast-alaska (48k image)

Replies: 6 Comments

on Friday, July 20th, Rob Roys said

7 Weeks
2 Hours
49 Minutes

on Friday, July 20th, Elise said

Thanks Rob!!!!


Actually, I'm taking all next week (a leaves for baranof early sat. morning) to paint.

There will be some problems, like needing drying time (damn, why didn't I ever learn to paint in acrylic?) but I have a feeling that after this next week I'll be in a much better place.


on Friday, July 20th,">Rob Roys said

7 Weeks
2 Hours
8 Minutes

on Sunday, July 22nd, Kasia said

This photo is pure magic. Do elves and fairies live in Alaska?

on Monday, July 23rd, Elise said

Not helpful Rob!

And does seem like a magical place, but no elves or fairies at least that I'm aware of.

on Monday, July 23rd,">Rob Roys said

6 weeks
4 days
2 hours
42 minutes