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07/23/2007: "Day Three"

Well, today is Day Three of my time-off alone to paint. What have I done so far with my creative freedom? Well, I've laid on the couch watching a lot of B movies and I've eaten a mountain of vegan junk food. Oh, then today I went back off of sugar (for the 38th time this month) and gave myself highlights.

Oh, and I guess I did do a little toe nails that is!

Now I'm cleaning out my closet and getting ready to go to the gym with a friend. I really appreciate the dedication my friend has; I only go a fraction of the time she does but she always calls and tries to convince me to join her. Today I decided that I better go because scale is inching up in direct correlation to the number of days I have left until my show.

I hope that when I get back from the gym I'll have some new energy to get to work. I hate missing this big trip with Aaron to stay home and paint and yet I'm just vegging and feeling horribly guilty.

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on Monday, July 23rd, dad said

:crazy:did byou get my invite to myspace I'm afread when it comes to computers I'm road kill Jen tried to tell me how didn't work out the way she said :O :satisfied:

on Tuesday, July 24th,">Rob Roys said

6 weeks
2 days
23 hours
54 minutes

want to go see ratatouile?

on Friday, July 27th, Kasia said

So, did you get some energy? :)

on Friday, July 27th, Dorothea said

I think you should forgive yourself. ;) When I have something important to do I clean my place and read a book. I had a really clean apartment in college! Maybe sometimes it's better to do something else for a while and then inspiration will boink you on the head. :o)

on Saturday, July 28th, Dee said

Love your blog and your work! Alaska looks like an awesome place to live! I am new at blogging. Just started a new one...maybe you'll be the first to comment. :)
Dee from Virginia

on Saturday, July 28th, Dee said

PS...this is another website of mine and my blog is You also have a great sense of humor. I can relate!

on Saturday, July 28th, berryconnell said

Did a portrait yesterday.
Third one (recognizable, that is) ever....
It was different, though I didn't like having to run upstairs all the time to check on the reference was on the computer.
Yeah...I COULD move the danged computer downstairs :blush: or even take the paints, easel, canvas, brushes, turps, ...upstairs. Oh yeah, and rags, scrapers, paper towels...
y'know...I could move the computer downstairs....

on Saturday, July 28th, Karen said

I can understand the guilt -- even if you need to relax, you feel guilty not using that downtime for your art!

on Monday, July 30th, Gail said

I enjoy your blog and feel the same way you do about procrastinating. My artist blog is

on Tuesday, July 31st, greg said

Hi Elise! I think it's great that you have 10 new works started and want to focus on, what? 5 to show?

You should do just fine ... :)

I am a little suprised tho' it seemed once you got going you kept at it.

If this is the first hard-nosed painting session since A. moved in, perhaps you are adjusting to your new environment(?) ...

other than that, I believe a step back for subconcious integration and reflective avoidance is healthy ... and a good excuse! :P

As always, cant wait to see what you do and what you try!

on Wednesday, August 1st, Sheree Rensel said

You wrote:
"Well, I've laid on the couch watching a lot of B movies and I've eaten a mountain of vegan junk food. Oh, then today I went back off of sugar (for the 38th time this month) and gave myself highlights."

Those "confessions" just cracked me up!!! I can relate. I did almost the exact same thing at the beginning of the summer when I first started my "creative time". Luckily, things did get more productive as the weeks went on. Maybe you just need the break to do NOTHING for a while!! That is just fine!

on Wednesday, August 1st, Elise said

Hey! THanks everyone for all the great comments. Sorry I've been so quiet...I'd love to say it's because I've been off painting up a storm but really I've been on a bit of an emotional roller coaster in my personal life.

more to come...
oh, things are ok again (for the record!)