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08/06/2007: "At long last...a little taste."

A couple of the new images from my upcoming show...

chocolate-lilly-forest-final-thumb (103k image)

wetlands-portrait-final-thumb (84k image)

bed-of-ferns-final-thumb1 (158k image)

Replies: 30 Comments

on Monday, August 6th, berry connell said

Good girl!

Keep going!

on Monday, August 6th, Rod said

You are much too modest.
I'm impressed. :)

on Monday, August 6th, Elise said

Thanks Berry, I'm going and going and going...I painted a lot this weekend...all the paintings in progress are at points where they need to dry so I may start some new ones using liquin so they dry faster.

Right now I have 8 that are nearly good to go and 2 others that have potential.

And Rod, THANK YOU! It's so hard to post new work; lots of fear involved that people won't like the new paintings...even though I like them...

So thanks for the reinforcement!

on Monday, August 6th, Dorothea said

I agree with Rod, Elise! These are _amazing_!! I LOVE all of them (especially the one in the middle). You rock, and I can't wait to see more! (I could use more exclamation points but that would be a bit frenzied, hee hee.)

on Monday, August 6th, Dorothea said

:laugh:...hey I need to get some work done, but I can't stop looking at these gorgeous paintings! :hehe:

on Monday, August 6th, Elise said

Wow Dorothea thanks for the encouragement! I'm so happy that you like them...there are more on the way!
(I haven't forgotten you by the way but with this deadline approaching fast I figured you'd understand if I waited a bit to get started)?

on Monday, August 6th, Dorothea said

No problemo, I completely understand and agree; it is most important for you to meet your deadlines - I will still be here!

on Monday, August 6th, Brian said

These look great Elise. I especially like the back on the first one and the color contrast on the third one. Actually, I REALLY like everything about the third one. I can't wait until the show.

Keep up the hard work!

on Monday, August 6th, Elise said

Thanks for being so cool Dorothea! The show is in a few weeks and then I'll be FREE (for awhile anyway)...

And thanks Brian (is this *my* Brian)? If so, I really hope you can make it to the opening. I need as many friendly faces as possible. I'm already starting to dread it!

on Monday, August 6th, Judy Vars said

Lovin it Elise! The middle one is the most compeling to me the green eyes and the hand is very sensual.

on Monday, August 6th, Rod said

I agree with Judy, I love the eyes. I didn't notice at first, I kept looking at it and couldn't figure out why I liked it so much, and then I realised the color. Boy do they draw you in!
Me wanna Buy! :)

You know I have great taste, and its always good to hang a painting with a 'Sold' sticker on it. ;)
BTW be sure to make some giclee prints, they are all winners!!

on Tuesday, August 7th, Daniel North said

Those really pop, guess the time-off wasn't so bad after all!

Keep'em coming!

on Tuesday, August 7th, willow said

Great paintings Elise! My favorite is the first one. I wonder what she's looking at ...

on Tuesday, August 7th, Elise said

Hi Judy, thanks! I wanted to make the eyes the same color as the wetlands behind her.

And Rod, do you really want to buy it? It's 11"x14" oil on canvas (the last one you bought was on panel and I think either the same size or a little smaller).

Email me if you really do want to buy it. I'm not sure how this gallery will handle that, I don't know they'll want pre-sold stuff on display but I'll ask them about it.


And thanks Daniel, I'll keep em coming as I finish them...

And Willow, I think it's interesting how everyone has a different favorite. Usually one piece is stronger than the others but I feel that these are all about even and are appealing (hopefully) for different reasons.

These probably are the three strongest in the show, that's why I finished them first so I could get the images to the gallery for their promotional materials.

on Tuesday, August 7th, dad said

:cool: there all great. I like the last one best the color sorta glows like neon :satisfied: dreamy

on Tuesday, August 7th,">Rob Roys said


Elise really has been painting!

(I like the third one a lot)

4 weeks
3 days
2 hours
9 minutes

on Tuesday, August 7th, Elise said

Hi dad, I'm glad that you like them. Dreamy is a good word for it!

And Rob, gee...thanks for continuing the count-down. I was beginning to worry that you don't care!

on Tuesday, August 7th,">Dorothea said

I hope you do these as prints, too, as Rod suggested...and if he doesn't really want to buy the middle one, I'm interested! :D Looking forward to the next batch!

on Wednesday, August 8th, Rod said

Email to the Gmail....

on Wednesday, August 8th, Dorothea said

:cry: Darn, I guess that means Rod really beat me too it... :crazy:

on Monday, August 13th, berry connell said

Dang! Talk about truamas!
I lost my blog and started over with a new one.
Don't go lookin' right now, though. Only thing I have there is a Japanes silk painting, and y'all still have a lot more work to do.

When I post more of MY pix, I'll come back and tell ya.

Meanwhile, what're you doing playing with the 'puter again?
GO PAINT some more!

(ps, I got a new mirror and somewhere along the line I'm gonna do a self portrait (like I was suggesting you do) course...
I dunno if I'll ever pony up and post THOSE, y'know what I mean? :hehe:

on Monday, August 13th, RR said

After complaining you hadn't put the images up, I've not had time to stop by and now they are there - and WOW! they are great. I really like the middle one too. It flows. Her eyes are compelling. Fantastic

on Wednesday, August 15th,">Rob Roys said

3 weeks
2 days
16 hours
33 minutes

on Thursday, August 16th, Literary Bohemian said

These are so lovely. You have a way with facial expressions that make these gazes seem intimate.

on Thursday, August 16th,">Uta said

Elise, Just stumbled across your blog. Love your work. Absolutely love the middle one. Its so powerful I imagined it much bigger. Good luck with your show. Wish I could come to see it for myself but Australia is a bit far from Alaska.

on Saturday, August 18th, greg said

Hi Elise! Loooking goood!! Cant add much to whats been said here, but cant wait to see more.

Sounds like Mr A is a rock of support and encouragement - you are very fortunate!

Keep working, and "break a brush!" :D

on Saturday, August 18th,">greg said

oh yeh - also nice to see real hands and fingers worked on! :cool:

Have any preference as to which you enjoy painting more: the flora or the feminina??

on Saturday, August 18th, Elise said

Dorothea, yes, Rod did end up buying that piece...thanks for your interest in it, there's a chance I'll get it made into prints so stay tuned.

Berry, I'm soooo sorry to hear about your blog, what a bummer. Are you sure there's no way to recover your old one?

Well, hopefully the new one will be better than evre!

RR, thanks for stopping by...seems you've been real busy as well.
Literary Bohemian, thanks for the comment, facial expressions have always been one of my favorite things to paint though I quit for awhile...not sure why, they're tough to get right but it's so great when they turn out just the way you planned.

Uta, (what a wonderful name!) Australia eh? I would LOVE to visit there someday. I'm glad you like my work, that always makes me feel *awesome*.
And hi Greg! Long time eh? Mr. A is indeed a rock and I am lucky to have him.
ain't love grand?
Oh, and thanks regarding the hands, I've always been able to do hands, I'm just super lazy at times, and they're hard and take a lot of time for me to get right so I'd rather they were a bit hidden but I've decided to just deal with them straight on (when the composition dictates)...

As for which I enjoy painting more...the feminina, hands down.

on Thursday, August 23rd, Kasia said

I absolutely love the paintings!!!!

on Thursday, August 23rd, Elise said

Thanks Kasia!