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08/18/2007: "In the big scheme of things..."

Aaron is away due to a tragic accident that killed his step brother-in-law as well as a close family friend. I feel so terrible for him and his family, and for all of Gustavus which is such an amazing and tight-knit little community.

I have the house to myself now but I can't seem to get back into working on this show again. This is my last weekend to paint and all I'm doing is eating ice cream and pizza and zoning out watching bad TV and sleeping on the couch. Furthermore, I'm worried about forcing myself to paint because in my current state (depressed, bloated, and in a borderline sugar coma), I may end up doing more damage than good.

Yesterday I went and met the other guest artist who I'm exhibiting with (in how many day's Rob?) at the gallery and the gallery rep (who was great) showed us where we'll be able to display our work. I worked small intentionally because I didn't think we'd have a lot of room and so the other woman is getting *a lot* more wall space than me and in a better spot. It sortof gives the impression this is her show and I'm a tack-on...but honestly, I don't even care that much. I'm happy for the chance to show there and ultimately...this show just isn't feeling *that* important to me right now.

If there are people in your life that you love, tell them every chance you get and don't assume that they already know. You never know when it may be your last chance.

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on Saturday, August 18th, Joan said

Elise -

Please pass on my deepest sorrow for Aaron and his family. Also you. I am so sorry for your loss. You are right, we never know when it will be the time, but we can be assured the time will come - in the next second or the next seventy years. We had a recent loss of a 26 year old husband/father of a 5 month and 4 year old. A terrible 4 wheeler accident. I told Steve I think that underscores and BOLDs the font of "our ways are not God's ways," especially in light of all those in nursing homes just wanting to die. I certainly do not understand it, but I do not feel bold enough to question it. We lose those we love in this life but what a joy they go to.

Peace to you.

on Sunday, August 19th, marja-leena said

I'm so sorry for your loss, Elise! This has been an shock for you and it's understandably hard to think about your show at a time like this.

on Sunday, August 19th, Dorothea said

Please accept my heartfelt condolences - for all affected by this terrible tragedy. Your last sentences are eternally true. It's something you don't really understand until it touches your own life. My only sibling was lost to our family in an accident not too long ago. Although he is gone, he is always with us. It is a difficult part of life...but one I (have to) believe we can learn and grow through...because life keeps going on, even when we think it can't or shouldn't. My thoughts are with you, and Aaron, and all of Steve and Eric's friends and family.

on Sunday, August 19th, Uta said

There seem to be no words adequate enough when a tragedy strikes. All I can say is I'm thinking of you.
About your show, I don't think you ever need to consider youself a "tack-on". Your work would shine even in the darkest corner.

on Wednesday, August 22nd,">Diane said

Hey, so sorry to hear of Aarons loss. By the way...I LOVE your new pAINTINGS on here.

on Thursday, August 23rd, Kasia said

I am so sorry to hear about the accident. [*] - a candle for the people.

on Thursday, August 23rd, Elise said

Thanks everyone for your thoughts. For my part, it is not so much of a personal loss but one that affects people I care about a great deal. It has also been a reminder to me of how fragile life is, and how seemingly random.

Aaron will fly to Gustavus tomorrow morning in a very small plane and I will worry about his safety. However, as he's reminded me often's more probable that he (or any of us) would be hit by a drunk driver while minding our own business.

The point being, we shouldn't modify our lives out of fear trying to make them completely risk free and waste a lot of energy worrying over all the things that could happen because we just don't know how we're going to go one day. We might as well "suck the marrow" for as long as we can...and hope that when our time comes we are happy, have lived full exciting lives...and are doing something that we love.

on Wednesday, August 29th, Traci said

Please extend our deapest and most sincere condolences to Aaron and his family. I was so sorry to hear of the tragedy. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!