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09/24/2007: "Happy Monday?"

Sorry for going MIA for so long, I guess like most artists I needed a time-out after the opening. Thanks to everyone who came to see my new paintings, as always, it means a lot to me. I think that
I'm always a little down after an opening, even ones that go fantastically well.

Hmmm, so, what have I been up to? Not a lot I guess. I haven't started any new paintings. The weather here has been horribly drab and I've been suffering from chronic back pain which has kept me out of the gym for almost a week now. Very depressing.

I did have one very wonderful evening last week when Aaron and I went for a picnic on Sandy Beach and he built a little bonfire. It was beautiful.

But now I feel restless. I hate being in pain all the time. I feel boring and bored. I have *so* much work to get caught up on and all I feel is pain pain pain that I try to ignore but it's very difficult.

Wow, this is such a downer. I haven't felt like this everyday, it's just how I'm feeling right now. The important thing is that I know what I'm feeling is temporary. I'll be back to my chipper old self again soon. Until then...

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on Monday, September 24th, dad said


on Monday, September 24th, Joan said

Have you heard of postural restoration? It's a physical therapy frame of reference that makes a lot of sense and is effective. Our PTs use it and have had great results. Worth a try to check with your local PT departement?

Plus, I'm glad to hear from you again. Welcome back.

on Monday, September 24th,">Meri said

HI Elise,
I found your blog a few weeks ago when a friend brougt me back some jewelry art from Alaska. Now I find myself checking back for updates often. I love your work, so bright and intense. Hope to purchase one soon!
Meri in Sunny Fla!

on Tuesday, September 25th, Kasia said

Oh, I am so sorry that you are suffering. It must be horible and highly irritatting to be in such a poor state. But I am glad you dropped a word to us, your blog worshippers. :) Hope you will feel muuuuch better soon.

on Wednesday, September 26th, Elise said

Hi dad, you're right, I know...that's what keeps me hopeful.

And Joan, I hadn't heard of that but I'll look into it. I'm up for anything that might help at this point.
And hello Meri! Thanks so much for the compliment, it means a lot. Every artist just LOVES to hear it when someone likes their work!
Oh, and hi Kasia, "blog worshippers" eh?
How cool is that? Thanks for the good vibes, I hope to be feeling better soon as well.