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09/26/2007: "Picking up the Pieces"

So, I picked up the unsold paintings from the gallery this afternoon. Working small has some advantages, for one thing, it's really easy to move them.

And another piece sold! Yeah!!! Now, I just need to get prints made from my favorites and then get the ones that sold before the opening mailed off.

elise-annie-kaills-opening-sep07-sold (213k image)

Overall I feel a lot better about how everything went down. I haven't started painting again, the back pain is really distracting creatively speaking. I had to go to the hospital for x-rays today and hopefully I'll know more by the weekend.

I think the important thing for me now is to try and stay on track with my life. Prior to the back injury I'd started going to the gym 4-5 nights a week, was eating super healthy, drinking lots of water and getting 8 hours of sleep every night. After the injury all that went to hell.

Now I'm realizing that even if I can't go to the gym I can still eat healthy, drink water, and try to get enough sleep at night.

Oh, btw, Aaron and I went and saw Resident Evil: Extinction and it was a lot of fun (despite the horrid reviews)...sure, it steals from a hundred other films but it's a ZOMBIE movie! BTW, the review in the Boston Globe called people who love zombie movies "zommeliers"...too funny!

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on Thursday, September 27th, Kasia said

I am just thinking - maybe the pain is just the result of the stress that you had before the exhibition? It happens a lot.

on Sunday, September 30th, Rod said

"Zommeliers." Now that's funny! :laugh:

on Monday, October 1st, berry connell said

Dang! You mean you sold all those paintings and now you gotta give it away to the x-ray place?
Drat the luck, gal!
Mighty fine pics there, but, now, here's two things....
#1 I rarely do figures, but, I did one today and posted it. (no, not of me. I'm still kind'a on the shy side abut that idea 'cause I know some of m'bloggin buddies aren't gonna let it just go down without some rib pokin' 'bout it.
But, I would be mighty grateful for yer opinion of what I ended up doin'.
#2 Don't do it again.
No, now, really. Get back on the stick and paint some.
The next show will be easier to get together if y'stay active on yer canvas, and anyway, now you have time to do some judicious experimenting, too. (acrylics, watercolor, pastel (which goes on about the same as oils. Check out one of Harley Brown's books for more details.) (no, I ain't spammin' fer Harley. He does fine without the like of us, thankyou very much, but, he does have a really good book on other issues an artist is concerned with and, he'll also throw tips at ya about using pastels)

Well, not that I'm tellin' ya what t'do.
Heck, y'sold more than I did fer this month!
Good going, and, here's hoping yer back trouble trakes a hike!

on Saturday, October 6th, easel(y)distracted said

Sorrry to hear about your backpain but really glad the exhibition went well. Healthy living is the future!

PS: Re-invented myself (again) new blog and new anonymity!!! ;-) Would be honoured to have you visit.