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11/05/2007: "The first snow, the last winter..."

"It's snowing!"

I looked outside and though there were only a few icy specks drifting along, it was true. My heart seemed to race while I drove to work; the world was completely white by the time I arrived.

Aaron came on campus for lunch. We kissed outside, fuzzy snow flakes falling on nose and eyelashes. On the way back from the cafeteria we had our first snowball fight of the season. I laughed out loud. Snow makes me happy! It makes me feel hopeful and light hearted and like nothing bad can ever happen. Snow is like magic for me.

Which I really need right now. My back has been hurting worse than ever and on top of that, I've started *really* following the news again. It's so damn depressing but I can't stop myself.

Speaking of which, Sat. night, Rob and I went and saw the eerily disturbing film The Last Winter that takes place in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. EEEeeeeh...I prefer zombies. I loved this film about accelerated climate change, but it was scary in a way that hits way too close to home.

Think of it, the *last* winter! I can't imagine life without winter or a winter without skiing, snowshoeing, skating, sledding, or snow angels. And no standing in the blinding brightness, all pink cheeks and sparkling tendrils, eyelashes closed and waiting.

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on Tuesday, November 6th, Maren said

I can't wait until we can meet afterwork to go cross country skiing!

on Thursday, November 8th, Elise said

I can't wait either!

on Thursday, November 8th, Jen said

Hey there. You are so lucky to have snow. It has been freakishly warm here so even if it does snow for a little bit it just melts away. Anyway, quick question. Is your gmail down? I haven't been able to get into mine for a day and a half. It is driving me nuts! BTW, WHEN are you visiting?????????

on Saturday, November 10th, Daniel North said

Just think what you would have missed if you moved to Washington... you make Alaska come alive for the rest of us.

on Sunday, November 11th, berry connell said

Well, these past few weeks have shown me a weakness I had suspected, but didn't want to realize.
I had two commissions, and even though I had the pencil lines down all this time, it wasn't until the very last minute that I actually put paint to them.
I used a healthy dose of alkyds to the white lump in the middle of my pallet and when I mixed it with my colors, it worked its magic just fine. Had two dry paintings in about two days.

As for the back trouble...It maight be the news. I have been having back problems again, and sure enough, I've been watching too much news.
'Course, it may have something to do with the fact that I've also chopped three and a half cords of wood this past month.

Now, here's something interesting.....
Just recently I've been mulling over some abstracts that I did while in school (back in the eighties...) and now I'm wondering if I should commit them to canvas.
Dang it! Y'all know how expensive canvas is and all, not to mention paint (and for sure, one of the ideas will eat up a BUNCH of cad red light) but, what if it doesn't fly?

Blind climbing a mountain again.


on Tuesday, November 13th, berry connell said

Just posted the pix I did for the Stopover Award dinner.
Ain't bad, but, I hate it when I rush m'self.
Oh, I like working fast on my own. I just hate having the deadline loom in front of me like that.

on Thursday, November 15th, Elise said

Thanks for reminding me Daniel, you are right of course!

And Berry, congrats on the Stopover Awards' paintings. They look great!

oh, and I'm sorry you're having back pain. Isn't it just the worst? But no excuse to stop painting!