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11/30/2007: "Success!"

Well, all that fretting was for nothing. I was so afraid that everyone would be bored by what I had to share or that it wouldn't be relevant to their businesses but that didn't turn out to be the case. After my presentation (which focused mostly on creative uses of business blogs) nearly every one of the participants approached me afterwards to tell me how helpful and inspirational they found my talk. That made me feel great!

I *really* appreciate all the wonderful advice you gave me. It made my point exactly, about how blogs can create a community, to help out with brainstorming when needed. It has been such a positive experience for me personally.

I attended the first workshop of the day where we practiced visual journaling and I'd like to share what I made.

visual-journal1 (35k image) visual-journaling2 (31k image)

They are not very polished, just how I've been feeling lately.

Thanks again!

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on Friday, November 30th, Amy said

All I have to say is WOW!!! Elise, what a *fantastic* workshop! I got more out of your presentation than perhaps out of the last five business books I have was extremely relevant and the room was just buzzing after your talk - thanks so much!!

- Amy, workshop participant

on Friday, November 30th, holly said

Great! Congrats!

on Saturday, December 1st, Elise said

Thanks Amy! That's really cool of you to say. You have no idea how much I'd been stressing out about that presentation over the past couple of weeks.

And thanks again for all of your tips Holly, you rock!

on Monday, December 3rd, Daniel Cornwall said

Very happy the talk went well. Aside from you being an artist, it's great that librarians are getting invited to community events.

I couldn't find an RSS feed for your blog. Is there one? Thanks!

on Saturday, December 8th, berry connell (boneman) said

Dang! Taking classes really helped me out'a my block. I am still gonna be careful about accepting commissions, though.

I liked the one on the left, but, the one on the right looked like a more personal comment.
Maybe yo need someone to pamper you some, a nice massage, some red wine, a nice home cooked dinner, a decent movie.
Ratatoille is pretty good.
If you weren't so far away, I'de volunteer my services.
Free to artists that work. :D

on Saturday, December 8th, Kasia said

Great workshop! :)

on Tuesday, December 11th, Jen said

Hey Pie==

dropped off the face of the earth for while. nice to know you're still overachieving. Miss you and congrats on your hard work. You available for the toe clamper conference in Aug?

on Sunday, December 23rd, berry connell (boneman) said

Kind of want to tell everybody
Goldfish bowl (wee fish)
a baby lamb (ewe)
a girl horse (mare)
some herons (egrets)
and a moose (not Bullwinkle, even though I'm a big fan.)
So, repeat that two more times and end with an ear hopping along the ground and you have:

Wee Fish Ewe A Mare Egrets Moose
Wee Fish Ewe A Mare Egrets Moose
Wee Fish Ewe A Mare Egrets Moose

and a hoppy new ear! :D

Classes doing what they needed to do. Have been back on the stick, paintin' up a picture a day, but
(ain't there ALWAYS a but?)
the danged camera broke again.

on Tuesday, January 8th, Shea said

I lived in Fairbanks for a few years. I loved it up there. Maybe not the 40 below, but everything. I miss it so much. It was so beautiful.