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01/26/2008: "Juneau on Youtube"

Today my friend Julie forwarded me a funny video about Juneau called Town vs. Valley. See, the City and Borough of Juneau is devided into two voting districts that fall along a political and geographic devide.

Downtown Juneau also includes Douglas Island (where I live) and usually votes Democratic. The Valley is about 11 or 12 miles away down a scenic highway. It is the equivalent of the "burbs" and they usually vote Republican. That is the backdrop for this video but anyone interested in what it looks like here might enjoy it as well. If you wait until after the credits, there's a guy standing in front of the Douglas Cafe and Louis's bar. Our house is the two story brown one in the background.

Here's a video filmed in Juneau on the day the record for the snowiest winter on record was set (last year). The video quality is very poor, so you might want use the "shrink" button in the lower right hand corner of the video to make it a little smaller as it makes it easier to view. It was filmed from a fire truck!

One last video, this is pretty incredible, a surfer getting caught in a wave created by a calving glacier.


I am off to visit the gallery director at The Canvas gallery to go over my plans for the show in July. Then on to Chinese dinner with friends followed by Sweeny Todd. Rob gives it two razor blades up!