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01/25/2008: "Spaz much?"

So, as promised I am now starting to blog again on a daily basis. That means coming up with things to write about everyday. Anyone who has kept a blog for...oh, six years or so, knows that eventually you run out of new insights.

Still, I can talk about my ideas for the show at the The Canvas Community Art Studio and Gallery.

The Canvas is an invaluable resource for artists and the community. Founded in 2006 as the community outreach and day habilitation program for REACH, an independent, nonprofit organization serving people who experience disabilities since 1970, The Canvas has become a vital presence in Juneau and Southeast.

It is an excellent place to show work but it's also an opportunity to work with REACH clients in the collaborative process.

I wanted this upcoming exhibit to be more experimental (I've been saying I want to be more experimental for years now) and this non-profit space provides the perfect opportunity to do just that. My idea is to paint a rather open scene (like an empty field with a big sky) on a canvas about 30"x40". Then I'm going to do a series of smaller images (notecard sized) using various mediums and exploring different subject matter.

These smaller pieces will be digitized and projected as a slide show onto the larger canvas. Each image will change the overall mood and feeling of the painting and show all the various possibilities that artists explore each time they sit down to a blank canvas.

I'm going to take it a step further by working with the reach clients to create their own visions for that space, digitize their work and have it alternate between my own images.

As many of you know, sometimes it's the smaller thumbnail sized pieces that have the most energy to them. If any of my own smaller works turn out particularly well, I'm going to use them to paint slightly bigger versions to hang in the rest of the gallery.

That is my idea anyway. I've spoken with the organizers at The Canvas and they are excited about the project. It will be one where sales are not the primary goal (and I have to admit I worry far too much about sales).

So...this opening will be in early July. That's right, July. The same month when Aaron and I plan to get married. But no worries, I work best under pressure!

Of course, I didn't do so well tonight when his mom called and I was practically hyperventilating on the phone telling her about all my (er hem..."our") plans for the wedding. I have to admit that I'm getting really excited about it. There's still a chance we'll have to wait until *next* summer, but I hope that isn't the case. Wheels are in motion my friends!!!

btw, it has been snowing here all day. Beautiful fluffy white snow. We are projected to get a foot of it today and tonight. Tomorrow i will take photos!

Also, this is a picture of the beach where we plan to get married:

douglas-island-pump-house2 (29k image)

Isn't it lovely?

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on Saturday, January 26th, Juneau Eco Mommie said

Elise! Congrats on getting married :D I am so happy to see you blogging again. My husband and I are moving to Alaska in four monthes (I am on a countdown too). Thanks for all the pics, keep 'em coming!

on Saturday, January 26th, Elise said

Thanks for the congrats, congrats to you to on your upcoming move to Juneau. I hope that you and your family will be as happy here as I have been!