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02/03/2008: "Manna from Heaven (or...DC actually)"

On saturday I got a check for $500 in the mail! A friend of mine had borrowed the money around 7 years ago and had never paid it back. Quite frankly, I had written it off, assuming I'd never get it back (I think if you loan friends or family money it has to be in that spirit).

However, there it was...after all this time.

So I spent a lot of time this weekend time shopping online at PMC supply stores. I bought a ton of stuff, silver clay, a firing torch, a mold kit for firing rings so they don't shrink too much, clay tools, all kinds of stuff. And when the dust settled I still had $100 left to spare. It's more than enough equipment to make our rings (plus a lot of other pieces) and way cheaper (and more meaningful) than just buying rings (imo).

I also went and saw There Will Be Blood....all I can say is Holy Crap! That movie was intense and Daniel Day Lewis better get best actor! The soundtrack was a bit much, honestly I wanted to tear my hair out from it a couple of times but I think it was supposed to have that effect.

It's still snowing out, it's been snowing all weekend. I meant to get out there to stomp around in it but it never happened. Some weekends I'm full of good intentions to be healthy and get outside and be productive (like I still haven't been down to clean the snow off of our boats and Aaron's been working all weekend)...lazy lazy me...when it's snowing out, don't you find snuggling up on the couch with a hot coffee just too too wonderful to bear?

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on Monday, February 4th, Rod said

I too saw the film and Imust say that for the first 45 minutes, you could hear a pin drop in the theatre. It really is a very intense film. i did not know that it was based on a book by Upton Sinclaire. Makes total sense now.

on Monday, February 4th, Elise said

Hi Rod, yes, that movie was excellent. I went alone since A was working and I sat a few seats from the back and looked over and my friend Brian was there by himself and we often go to the movies together so it was great timing. We sat together and after the last scene we just looked at each other and at the exact same time he said "Wow" and I said "Woah!"...we didn't know what else to say. The ending, the last line, had so many possible readings. I read one critic who said he hated the ending and it left him hanging but I think the whole movie worked up to that last line. Perfection!

on Wednesday, February 6th, Brian said

Hey, I liked the soundtrack!

But I agree - Daniel Day-Lewis was fantastic.

on Friday, February 8th, Elise said

Hey Brian, you *liked* the soundtrack!!??? It made me feel like I was having my intestines slowly removed.

on Thursday, February 14th, subi said

rick rules! maybe i'll get an email one of these days! dtd

on Thursday, February 14th, Elise said

Do you have his email address? I don't always hear from him right away, but he gets around to responding eventually.